2 vlogs in 1 post

Hey guess what? I uploaded 2 vlogs tonight.

One for yesterday, the day of Hannah's graduation:

And one from tonight, recorded with the upload straight to you tube from the web cam option, because my Nikon is acting weird again. !! It's about Memorial Day and my grandparents.


Tomorrow is the last day. I have to admit I'm glad.

Vlog 24 - My Favorite Movies

Yesterday's vlog was fun to make, all about my most favorite movies! Of course while I was editing it I thought of many things I forgot to say, but still... I like it. You can watch it here...

What do you think of those movies? What are your faves? I'd love to know.

Other vlogs I haven't posted about lately are Vlog 22 (talking about some things that were exciting for me that day) and Vlog 23 (talking about a couple exciting countdowns and other things).

Only a week more of the vlogging every day!