My Five Most Favorite TV Shows


I don't watch that much TV. I find it mostly full of shows I don't want to watch. But when I find a show I love, I love it hard, and forever. I am always in the mood to watch an episode of these shows.




HBO made 2 seasons of this show, from 2005 to 2007. Then they ran out of money for it. Of course I loved it but I'm not the only one. If you like period shows, you might love this show. The sets were beyond my imagination. The wardrobe, the hair, the everything. And then a not too fictionalized story about Julius Caesar- it's like it was made for me. The second season goes downhill a bit, but it's excellent tv.


Game of Thrones


Almost as good with it's strength as a period show, this story is so rich and layered and fascinating. I mean there are millions of words in several books to snuggle yourself in. Not to mention hours of podcasts every week. I'm very in love with it - not just the show but the whole story. I hope it will all end in a satisfying way.


General Hospital


Yes I know this is not a good show but I can't help but love it. How many things have been a part of my life since I was in single digits? I have often said I was done watching it but I've always gone back. If I didn't stop when Luke left, I'll never stop. I'll watch this show until they stop making it, and maybe after that I'll keep it going with my own fan fiction.




This show was a little too dark and creepy, but I will always be a fan of ancient secret societies whose job it is to keep humanity safe. Roosters Vs Crows was my favorite episode. Terry O'Quinn in two other shows I loved a lot (but ended too horribly for me to remain a fan of); Alias and Lost. 


Doctor Who


The Doctor, especially in the past, is the greatest hero of all time. Not only does he save people and planets and universes, he makes everybody want to be a better person. What's better than that. 



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Game of Thrones Love/Hate/Unsure list.


I don't want to say anything about the last couple weeks of Game of Thrones. Not yet. But I did make this list of who I love and who I hate. I always imagine everyone agrees with me, but then I listen to podcasts and realize it's not even close to true.

Who I love:

Brienne. The most.
Jamie. When this story started, I hated him the most.
Jon. Even though he's pouty and sometimes stupid.
Sam and Gilly and baby Sam
Margaery and Olena
Missandei and Grey Worm
The Direwolves. Even the dead ones.
Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion


People I Love but worry I might change my mind about:

Sansa. Is she going to be stupid?
Dany. I will always love her, but she might turn evil crazy instead of just kick ass crazy.


People I really like but don't actually love:



People I hate:

Ramsey. I know he just died but I hate him so much and he just died so he still counts.
The High Sparrow and the Faith Militant. There is not one drop of good in that Sparrow.
Catelyn. I know she's dead, I just want her to stay that way.
Little Finger
Robin Arryn
The Mountain
All the Freys

One Person I really love even though he does horrible things:

Sandor Clegane, the Hound. Can't help it.


If I left someone out, it's either because I don't really care about them, or I forgot about them. Which is really kind of the same thing, isn't it. Let me know if you totally disagree! I'd love to hear why.


My Thoughts on Game of Thrones: The Broken Man



First - his episode was gorgeous. All those far away views of new cities were stellar. Thank you.

Second, please no Lady Stoneheart. I hate her.


The Hound and the Sparrows

I’m a book reader so I was expecting this but it was still nice to see the Hound. He’s my favorite brutal killer with a heart of a puppy. That actor is kinda cute, too, and totally my type. People are calling that opening shot of the Riverlands “the shire” but it reminded me of lost. Either way the Riverlands are lovely. I’d vacation there.

It’s hard to reconcile those Sparrows with the ones in the temple at King’s Landing, until I start to think about religion now. Ian McShane was great, but jeezy creezy there is absolutely nothing good or honest about that High Sparrow freak. I do not like him. I know some people were on the fence but hopefully they got off it this week when the told Margery to lie there and take it. Rape culture is strong in this world.

Back to the Riverlands, the crime rate seems high. I never liked the Brotherhood Without Banners (those guys who showed up on horses) but I didn’t think they were that bad. I do wonder how they killed that entire group with the Hound only hearing one quick scream. And I don’t understand the axes that whoever the killers were left lying about. I don’t know if that whole bit is bad storytelling or if there’s more to that story.


The North

Oh they looked so cold! The wildings have nothing on their heads! No hats or scarves or ear muffs in sigh! At that last castle, you could see their breath. Did they cgi that? Probably not. So Cold. I almost feel sorry for those actors. Run away to the Riverlands you guys! You don’t have to be so cold. I did love it when Tormund called those guys southerners, though. It’s all relative.

I do not get why they didn’t open with “The Whitewalkers are so real and they are coming.” There was great debate with the wildings, but with everyone one it was a mopey “oh, you don’t want to? Ok.” from Jon and some posturing from Sansa. Jon and Davos arguing about the total destruction of all mankind and that’s all they’ve got in terms of passion? I wouldn’t support them either. Sansa managed to persuade zero houses, after her big talk to Davos about the north’s loyalty to the Starks while they were still at Winterfell. And who did she write to? Don’t ruin everything Sansa. I’m trying to root for you.

But hey, they got 62 Momonts, so I’m sure they’ll be fine. This show always ends happy.


The Blackfish

First of all, go ahead and kill Edumure because I can never quite like that actor. He played the soulless traitor Brutus on HBO’s Rome and so I will forever be against him, just like I will always be for Cirian Hands, who played Mance Raider on this show, because he played Julius Caesar.

I love the Blackfish. Did you dig that fish scale armour he was wearing? And just the way he was standing there waiting for the drawbridge to be lowered. Or the way he said “Go ahead, kill him.” in a normal speaking voice when they were threatening Edmure. And oh the things he said to Jamie <3. That interchange was about 40x better in the books, but sill. The Freys look like the Monty Python guys who said they didn’t vote for Arthur. I have no idea what’s going to happen in that whole mess, but I really hope Jamie and Brienne don’t fight.

Of course I loved to see Bron, and like I think everyone I loved when Bron told Jamie not to even say it. I think that’s a nod to watchers that we’re all a little sick of the Lanisters. Their time is over.


Lady Olena and Cersi

Oh I love that lady, and they way she told off Cersi was perfect. It reminded me of how lame and stupid and alone Cersi was at the end of the books. It also (along with Bran’s flashback last week) reminded me of all the wildfire under the castle.  Cersi is super alone and vulnerable right now. And she’s crazy power mad. And she’s reactionary and unwise. But again, it’s Game of Thrones so I’m sure nothing crazy will happen.


The Greyjoys

I don’t care about the Ironborn. They’re all jerks. But I’m glad Theon has Yara on his side. I hope they get to Dany before Euron does, because I especially don’t like that Greyjoy. How long does it take to build a thousand ships anyway? Especially if you’re on that crap island and don’t have a lot of friends. Plus, shouldn’t Euron pay the ironprice and just take someone else’s ships? See, he’s weak. I hope he tries to step to Dany talking about his giant package and one of her dragons burns him alive.


What is up with Arya?

It’s like some kind of crazy dream sequence. Or the prelude to the I Want song in a musical. She’s skipping about, oblivious as the sunshine, dressed like Arya when she know a life must be given and it’s probably going to be hers. Mostly importantly, she does not have Needle. Why would she just stand there on the bridge like that? Why were people giving her the stink eye as she walked down the street soaking wet and bleeding? Something is so up with all that.

Personally, I like the “Bravosi Fight Club” theory. That’s the idea that the waif never really existed outside of Arya’s head. Think about it - you never see her anywhere but with Arya, or interacting with anyone but Arya, Jaquen or dead people. She knows all Arya’s secrets. It’s not that hard to imagine all the events in Arya’s life made me break a little as she waited forever outside the door to the House of Black and White. I’m not expecting it will be true, but I love it. I think it’s way more likely that she’ll end up with that acting troupe who will fix her up and eventually take her to King’s Landing where they have some gigs coming up.

Or maybe it was Jaquen wearing an Arya “face” to test the waif. She also seems like an acolyte, and she definitely shouldn’t have had such strong feels about  Arya if she wants to be a faceless man. Maybe every time Jaquen is saying something like “A girl had much promise.” he meant the Waif, not Arya.

Or maybe it was some kind of dream? It’s weird. Something’s up. At least we know she’s running around in the next episode. Or is it really her? It’s all too weird in that religion.


Is that everybody? It should be. This is crazy long! And I’m so glad I got it all typed out and posted before tonight’s show -- which I will not be watching on time because it’s the night Hamilton sweeps the Tony Awards. And because I will be at a family thing. I will be watching it tomorrow though, and if I like it I’ll probably be right back here ranting on and on about it.

See you then. :)

My thoughts on Oathbreaker (Game of Thrones: 6.3)

Why yes, I am obsessed with Game of Thrones.
You should be able to guess I'd love that show.

I was so excited about this episode. I could not wait for it.
I decided to grab a notebook and write some notes in case I wanted to talk about it. I just made a few notes, but dang, I sure fleshed them out here.


So in case you're interested, here are my main thoughts while watching Oathbreaker.
The bold is what I wrote, the rest I rambled on about just now.


1.Um, ghost doesn’t seem too excited.
 I might be wrong to do so, but i put a lot of trust in the direwolves and dragons in this story. More than GRRM and D&D apparently because they keep killing off direwolves! But based on real life where you can always trust your dog, I think the direwolves can be looked to for the reality of the situation. (I also think you’ll never be successful if you don’t respect your dragons, but that might be more relevant to a future episode now that they’ve been unchained.)

And did you notice ghost’s reaction to reborn Jon? He didn’t hate him, but he wasn’t licking his face.  Maybe that means something and maybe it doesn’t. I just noticed. He also didn’t leave with Jon at the end of the show, but maybe he was headed that way...

2. Someone stoke the damn fire or something. He’s freezing!
Did you also notice how fucking cold it is at the wall? Yeah, Davros gave him his outer cloak but really? That’s not really enough, espeially after being dead for two days. I keep thinking about that tiny fire going and wondering why someone didn’t stoke it. Come on Davros.

3. “Melisandre, don’t go laying a big trip on him!”
Apparently I was feeling very protective of Jon.

4. Gilly must have one of those patches like I wore on my cruise.
That was my first thought when she was all chipper on the ship sailing through the storm, and Sam couldn’t stop feeling, uh, sick. As you might know I just got off my first cruise. I was worried about feeling motion sick so I got a patch from my doctor and never felt icky at all.
I love Gilly. I hope she has a great time living free in the south where she can take a shower and just wear one layer of clothes.

5. No new people! Please.
   No wait! I do want them. I do!
Hah! That’s what I wrote when I first saw Arthur Dayne sitting on the rocks under the Tower of Joy. I changed my mind quickly!! Like so many others this was the whole reason I was excited about this episode. And then we got totally ripped off! What is up Mr. Tree Living Raven Guy?? 5 minutes is too long to watch the past? I wanted Bran to be able to ignore him - I need to know what’s happening in that tower!! What’s Lyanna going to say? Does she have 2 babies or 1? Just tell me this or I am going to scream like she did, I swear. 

6. Bored of the sparrows. Don’t listen, Tommen!
Yeah. That guy is a manipulative bastard and everyone should stay far away from him. Unless they’re about to stab him. I’m bored of him and Tommen and this whole story line. We all know Tommen is going to die (thanks for the spoilers, Maggy the Frog), but what is he going to fuck up before he does.

7. None of this matters. Monsters are coming.
Exactly. The other night while Danny (Danny Brewer, not Dany the Mother of Dragons)  and I were watching the news during dinner I thought the same thing. The first story was a bunch of political babies fighting about nothing, followed by several stories of crazy fires and killer tornadoes and floods and giant hail and etc and it made me think of this again. All these silly people fighting over silly things. No one is going to care who is Lord of the North or Queen of King’s Landing after the White Walkers storm through. Winter is coming guys. Don’t forget.

8. Don’t be no one.
And don’t trust the faceless men.
I like seeing Arya get it together a little bit, but I don’t want her to really forget or sacrifice who she is. She’s Arya Stark, a girl with a name and a great story. Sometimes I love the faceless men. I love Jaqen H’gar at least. But what’s their deal, anyway. I don’t know if I trust them yet. They better not be trying to use Arya for their evil plans.

9. That Umber just 2 finger pointed!
I swear he did. He came in, called Roose Bolton a cunt, and then two finger pointed talking about the White Walkers. (This is only interesting to Disney people.)

10. Fuck! With the dead dire wolves!
Enough. I’m so not kidding. Maybe this whole this is an Umber plot against the Boltons and it’s not really Shaggydog. Right? 

11. This reminds me of when G Washington had to kill those his traitors.
I meant the hanging at the wall. I watched this with my fingers in front of my face. I don’t like to watch people get hanged. But remember when George Washington was freezing and frustrated and trying to win the Revolutionary War but his men kept being assholes? Eventually he had to execute some of them, even though he didn’t really want to. Just like Jon Snow. (long boring story of it here It also reminded me of the very beginning when his “dad”, Eddard Stark, told him if you’re the leader you just have to do the killing yourself.

Here’s a question though - I mean good for Jon for saying his watch had ended. It did. Fuck that craziness. But where’s he going?? He doesn’t have a coat or a horse and he’s all by himself. He doesn’t have any food. Is he just walking to Winterfell like that? Bad idea Jon Snow.

12. Did Tormund do a thing? Is he really Mance Raider? What happened to Mance, anyway.
Well, the show probably said but I forgot. Still I thought Tormund’s eyes did something weird while he was watching Jon cut the rope, like when people warg and stuff. I miss Mance, but it’s probably just because the actor who played him also played my love Julius Caesar on HBO’s amazing show Rome.


Rating: Frustrating! I feel just like Bran!

And seriously? That’s all the preview we get?
Please make me happier next week Game of Thrones. I love you.



Binge watching Arrow

I started watching the CW’s show Arrow on Saturday. I heard John Barrowman was on it and I really missed him. It’s Monday night and right after dinner I finished the last episode of the first season.

I am not proud of this, but it’s true. I thought I’d try to make my wasted time useful by writing about it.

Here’s my major complaint about the show: its dynamic range. Once second they’re having whispery quiet heartfelt conversations. The next second it’s rapid fire shot guns and crashing into tables and punches so loud they sound like gun fire. Seriously show, how am I supposed to listen to that. There are tvs and tv boxes now that let you control the level of dynamic range. I  will be happy when I have one.


Here’s a thought I had early on that returned several times as I watched. Why is this guy any better than Dexter? He’s killing bad guys, but he’s not just killing one very bad guy every few episodes - he’s killing a lot of guys every show. Including a lot of bad guy henchmen - which I admit - if you’re a bad guys henchman, you’re probably a bad guy as well. But maybe not. Maybe you just really need a job. Maybe it’s a bad time in your life. Maybe you’re just making bad choices.

Anyway, the death toll kind of bothered me but I know I’m sensitive to that kind of thing. It did make me think of all the people that were all “Oh, a show about a serial killer? I could never watch something like that!” about Dexter and I wondered what they’d say about this show.

I brought it up at dinner tonight which did make me think of this difference: Dexter really enjoyed killing people. It gave his life meaning and pleasure. But Oliver Queen was just killing people as a means to a noble end. Maybe that’s the difference.

Anyway, I obviously didn’t hate it because I sure watched a lot.

I liked the way the backstory came out in little bits and pieces. That’s probably what kept me watching. I wanted to know what happened. I wanted answers to the mystery. I still kind of do. Like how did Captain Jack (Malcom Merlyn) got to be a hooded man himself? Actually that’s about the only thing I’m curious about at this point, but hopefully season 2 will bring it’s own mysteries.

My own fan wank/head canon is that Malcom Merlyn is actually Captain Jack, after he was a rogue time agent but before the Doctor made him a better person. I don’t know how River Song ended up in the same story unless she was just trying to keep an eye on him from a distance, but I did very much enjoy seeing her and hope I see more of her.

About the show? Well, it’s predictable. It’s a superhero show. Bad guys lose. The actors are all fine, and some of them are pretty. I’m not a huge fan of his sidekick for some reason, but of course I love Felicity. I do not trust any of them.

Hulu has the first 6 episodes of season 2. Hopefully the rest will be out on DVD before I finish those 6. 



Mason V Ironside

Have you ever noticed that whiel Perry Mason is smooth and suave and charming, Ironside is a total jerk? 

Robert Ironside is always craky and rude to every one he talks to - even his friends that are there to help him. On the other hand, Perry treats his friends (Della and Paul and various people who call) like a true friend and a nice guy. He laughs. He takes people out to dinner. He makes bets.
Ironside will sometimes go out of his way to help some lady he used to date, but he's usually cranky to her, too. Perry goes out of his way help everyone. He's usually overly generous and humble about it.
Now honestly, you've probably never notice this because you have a life to live (or calbe) and don't watch Perry Mason. That's probably a good thing. But I watch Perry Mason all the time, and sometimes if I'm busy and don't want to turn the channel to Bewitched, I watch Ironside. So I notice.
And now you know.


It's good to be home.


It is good to be home.
I had a great time in Tulsa, and you know I love to be on vacation, but being home is pretty good, too. In addition to general back home things, I've been reading and trying to catch up with over a week of General Hospital. GH has gone lame, and George RR Martin is crazy.

While other parts of the country are full of wild fires and non stop rain, it has been so, so beautiful here. I haven't run the air conditioner in two days and it's the beginning of July. It's usually about a hundred right now. I am trying to enjoy it by reading outside, at least until the bug bites start to get at me and I wander back in.

Tomorrow is the birthday of America, and also my friend Leah. A week from today is my own birthday. I don't have many plans yet. I need to work on that.

I'll be making a post about my trip soon. It will have way too many pictures. I liked Tulsa a lot, and Todd even more. I'm ready to go again. 

Game of Thrones

Right now I have just finished reading the second book, and have watched a handful of Season 3 episodes. Please, in the name of the old gods and the new, do not spoil me


I knew these books existed ages ago, but I have this stubborn thing about books that everyone loves. Books are important to me, and I don't want to love the same books everybody else does. So when I hear about a book or set of books that everyone is crazy for, I avoid it.

This is foolish, I know. It's why I didn't start the Harry Potter books until the Prisoner of Azkabahn came out, for one example. And it's why I didn't read Game of Thrones.

Plus, at first I thought it was just another magic creature fantasy story, because of the dragons. When a friend explained it was more about politics and power. I thought I  might give them a shot. But then I didn't.

Hannah eventually convinced me to watch the show. We've never had HBO, but there is of course the magic of Netflix. So I watched season 1, and I loved it. H and I anxiously waited season 2 on DVD. And loved it again. Some of it seemed complicated, and I heard it helped if you'd read the books. So I found a boxed set of the first four paperbacks for pretty cheap online and had Amazon send it to me.

Game of Thrones.

 I got the books at a really busy time and had a hard time carving out time to read for more than 20 minutes. When I planned a camping trip with my mom a few weeks ago, I was sure I'd be able to finish, but it wasn't til the night after I got home that I finally reached the end.


I liked it. It wasn't annoying and I didn't want to throw it against the wall even once. Knowing what was going to happen in the story was a different experience, and I wasn't as compelled to get back to the book and see what was going to happen next. But I still liked it. I liked learning the history of the 7 Kingdoms and the richness that reading the book always provides.

My biggest complaint is about the lack of complex characters. I like stories where the characters are not so black and white. I like to make up my own mind about someone and that's not really how these characters are written. 

I was also annoyed that there were sometimes more than one character with the same first name. I understand that happens in real life. It can't be helped. But in a book it can. In a story with so many characters to keep straight, why choose the same name more than once?

A Clash of Kings

So then I started book 2. I started skimming in this book. It seems like there's a lot of junk I couldn't care less about. Family trees and descriptions of what everyone's wearing or eating. I like some of that, but there's way too much. I especially skim the Catelyn chapters. Am I supposed to like her? It seems like I am, but I definitely do not. A lot of times, seeing that chapter heading signaled a good place to stop for a while. Ugh.

But the thing that really buged me the most are the italic parts of book 2. Were they in the first book? I don't remember them. In A Clash of Kings though, they are All Over. To let us know what the characters are thinking and not saying. It's so much better to tell us about what they're thinking with regular descriptive words. Tell. Describe. You know, write. On the other hand, how much longer would this darn thing be if he did. 969 pages is too many already. No book needs to be that long. 

This is also where the books and the tv show start to take different paths. Towards the end, there are a lot of significant changes. Well, are they really significant? I don't know yet, but they seem to be. Also different - Sansa is so much more sympathetic in these two books. I don't know if it's just the actress on the show, or the way it was written, but I never really cared so much about the girl on tv. The one in the book though - I don't hate her.


So a couple weeks ago was the airing of the red wedding episode. I don't think that's what it is actually called, but you know what I mean. Everyone knows because it was All Over the internets. They even talked about it on Good Morning America. I was having a really hard time working at not being spoiled. And I Really hate spoilers (just like River Song), so I was a little worried.

I was talking about it with my friend Eben, who read the books but hasn't seen the show. I told him I had the goal to finish  both books 2 and 3 before I watched season 3 -- without being spoiled. Instead of seeing it and then reading the detailed version, I wanted to know the story and watch it unfold on my screen. I was only half way through the second book at that time, and Eben told me I should give it up and just watch the shows, because I'd never get that far without being spoiled.


Eben's usually right, so I watched some. Maybe through episode 5. And then I decided he's not always right and I wanted to read first. So I did. I started book 3 sitting outside this morning and I kind of wish I hadn't seen any of season 3 yet. I'm just going to pretend I didn't. Plus I'm kind of sure that some of the stuff from the end of book 2 was show in season 3, right? I don't want to think about it too much because it makes it harder to pretend.

So what do I think about the story?

  Well I'm obviously interested. I like who I'm supposed to like and hate who I'm supposed to hate, for the most part. I don't have a guess as to how it'll all play out, but of course I have hopes and theories. It worries me a little that it's not already all written. That doesn't always turn out well, and I don't want to be a part of AARP when the end is finally told, or have it all fall apart at the end like Lost.

And I have this thing about writers who write too many words. I am of the school that believes the better of a writer you are, the less words you need to tell a story (shh, don't remind me this post is already at 1145 words at this point). A pet peeve of mine is authors who think they're so great they won't let editors tell them to scale it back a bit. This next book is over a thousand pages long, and I just can not believe such a thing is necessary. Cut some of it, George. There's no way all those pages are interesting or necessary. Is each book progressively longer? That will really start to bug me, I'm sure. I forsee a lot of skimming with this this book already, and I stopped at the 3rd chapter (it was titled with Catelyn).

So there's my post about Game of Thrones. I might mention it more as I go, now that I've said this bit about it first. And remember, do not spoil me about this story. Or I'll feed you to my direwolves.


tuesday morning

today is tuesday.
it is also the last day hannah has to go to school this semester. as the lady who drives her to the bus stop and brings her home, it means it's the last day i have to do that. we're both really happy.

i think winter is finally over. it's supposed to be 92 today. too bad we skipped having that spring thing.

yesterday was monday, and like most mondays, i spent the day making lists and crossing things off. it wasn't so bad. i tried something new for dinner (inspired by my sister Megan). i didn't come out as i hoped, but it was good. and the guacamole i made to go with it was good enough to make up for it. plus there was enough for danny's lunches this week, so i'd say it was a success.

after dinner i settled in to watch the last two episodes of season 2 of game of thrones. 

i was interrupted for a while when h came down with a tummy ache. i had to stop watching for that time because she is only at the beginning of season 2. and it was with only about 15 minutes left. but she got better and it was still there where i left it.

i have some thoughts on it, but not a lot. i know not to get too attached, and i know it's a really, really long story. so i don't get too attached (for the most part), and i try not to invest in outcomes. it's a long, crazy story. anything could happen. but i'm liking it. enough that i bought the first 4 books (in a set) from amazon (for really cheap). most days i can only find enough time to read about 25 pages so it's going to take me a while unless i get some good reading time in. the best time is waiting for hannah to see the doctor, but i don't really want any more of those, thanks. of course i like all the people you're supposed to like and hate all the people you're supposed to hate. there's not a lot of layers when it comes to the characters, but that's ok because the story is epic. i don't know if you can have both. maybe rarely.

right now i am going to enjoy a little free time before h is home every day all day for a couple weeks until summer school starts. but i thought i'd say hey first.

Happy Mother's Day to Me :)

What a great day!

I managed to spend the whole day doing almost nothing at all. I loved it! I read a bunch of stuff, I pasted some stuff in my journal, I listened to hours of Todd and bought tickets to his show in Tulsa. I got some presents. I had Arby's for dinner. I talked to Greg and my mom on the phone.

I don't want to be braggy, but I have a lot to be happy about.

I have a new, old car. I am in love with it. Who knew moving up from a 24 year old Honda to a 16 year old car of hte same make and model would make such a difference?

My house is freshly painted. The colors are beautiful and my house looks amazing. It's the closest thing to getting a new house without all the fuss of moving. My painters were awesome, the experience was fun and exciting and the house looks great. It also has given me a sense of ownership I hadn't felt in the 16 years we've lived here.

I am going to take a road trip to see my hero, Todd Rundgren, in concert. My my best friend of 34 years is going with me, even though she does not love Todd. I can't even start with how excited I am about this.

I have an awesome boyfriend who is ready and willing to help me with any problem I need help with. 

Technology. I have some, and not only is it fun and entertaining, it is often a tool to help me do many of the things I dream of doing.

I cut the cord and cancelled cable. I've been dreaming about it for a long time, and it feels really great having done it.

We are planning another trip to Disney World this winter. This time we're staying for 10 nights, and I am extending that by 4 more by staying with my generous brother.

I am truly in love with my family and friends, who are all interesting and awesome in their own special ways.

I have 2 incredible kids. Both compeltely different and yet surprisingly alike.

Wild birds come to eat outside my window every day.


I am a lucky Mother.