sunday morning and camera shopping

sunday mornings are not my favorite.
on saturday morning i wake up and feel like i have all the time in the world to do (almost) whatever i want. on sunday morning i am thinking about the groceries were are low on and what appointments i have coming up next week. it's when i notice the basket of laundry someone has sweetly left for me at the bottom of the stairs, and when i realize there will never be enough time to do all the stuff i want to do. even if i weren't such a total slacker.

this morning is a little better than most because of two things. 1: it is not an oven outside today. it's still going to be very hot, but only in the double digits. it's quite a relief after the last week or two. 2: for lunch, i'm meeting two of my old college friends for lunch. i saw michele last summer when we saw styx together. i haven't seen her husband kevin since they visited once when our now college aged kids were still pre-school. i predict that will be very good.

i'm researching dslrs this morning. before i even did the job, i proclaimed the first thing i was going to do with any money i earned writing was buy a dslr. and now the time has come to start the research. it's a lot of money so i want to make the best choice. but i have to admit i am loyal to nikon. my dad bought me a nikon (with a fancy case and an even fancier zoom lens) for my 16th birthday. no, i don't know why i got so spoiled. but i did and i loved that nikon. i used the heck out of that nikon, even back in those olden days when you had to buy film and pay to have it processed. i turned 16 in 1982 (please don't tell me if you weren't even born yet then), so that's a lot of years of loyalty.

still, i told myself (and anyone who would listen) i wouldn't let that be my decision maker. if another camera was better, i'd get it. it's a pricy decision to base just off brand loyalty. but then this morning i was looking around and the nikon d5100 looks pretty sweet. it gets great reviews. it's a solid choice. that makes me happy.

it's expensive though. did i mention that? and it's hard to justify buying a camera that cost more than my computer (plenty expensive itself). so i don't know. so far the nikons are the only one i've looked at in any depth. feel free to make a suggestion if you have a camera you love. i'll keep searching the internets until i have a better idea of what exists. luckily i have time to make up my mind. i'm in no hurry. maybe i'll buy one in september or october. those months sound far away, but time flies. or slips away. or both.

my thinking? well we're going to disney world, a fantastic pace for taking photos, at the beginning of december. if i'm going to be using my new dslr then i want to have had time to be familiar with it before the trip. i am highly disney focused at the moment. i can't help it. i love that place, and even more love having an upcoming trip i can obsess about. it's how i roll.

see? i said i'd be back today with the words and stuff.
so far, so good.

Catch Up (with photos)

So there was last week. It was full of a lot of catch up work from spending 5 days getting to know the new baby. Boring stuff, but I kind of liked some of it. I stocked up on a bunch of groceries, and inspired by the meals I assembled for my sister, I put together 5 nights of crock pot meals and shoved them in the deep freeze. Well, after I cleaned out and organized the deep freeze. It was a mess! But now it's all pretty and it has 5 more meals in it, ready to go. Dig me.

I think I was having a bit of the spring cleanings. I cleaned out the scary junk drawer, and then tackled the super scary bill desk in the corner! Not just inside it but under and arround, which inclued the little file cabinet that sits there. Man that was crazy. It took 2 days for me to get through it. I had 2 bags full of shredding and 1 bag full of other paper trash by the time I was done. But I know a lot more stuff now, and everything is clear and clean and organized. Hooray!


The big news this week, however, is that I got a new mac. Wow. I haven't had one of those since Hannah was a baby, I think. I ordered it online and a few hours I drove to the Apple Store and picked it up. I had to go to KC so I dropped Hannah at her class on the way. I stopped by Archiver's as well, but I was too abuzz to really pay attention. I picked up the girl and we stopped for burger's before heading home. Seriously, as if I was going to take time to make dinner that night! I hurried downstairs to the ready computer desk and barely left for a couple days. Way too much time at the computer, but you know, there's so much setting up and trying out. I don't intend to spend all day every day at the computer now, but I have to say it's really nice. Really.


Hannah and I still hung out Friday night though. We had our favorite Asian food at Thai Siam, and played air hockey on my tablet while we waited. She beat me bad. I kept knocking the puck into my own goal. D'oh! Why do I like that game when I suck at it so badly?


Saturday Hannah had her first college party. She came home with a felt moustache. I was so tired I didn't ask. Can you tell I took the photo while I was in bed?


And here's the set up. I probably should have picked a different desktop image. That one is kinda dull.
There's my crazy collage wall of course.
On the left there is the beloved MacBook. Behind that, two speakers.
Next my external cd/dvd drive and the two portable drives I backed up from. (The Mac said it could migrate over the network from my MacBook, but I could never get the MacBook to see the new Mac on the network).
The lovely new monitor - it's not a mac monitor because it's about a million dollars cheaper. The art history book I'm using to raise the monitor up some. I need to add to it.
My big old ergonomic keyboard. It makes everyone else who uses it crazy, but I love it so.
Behind that is the tiny litle Mac Mini. They are not kidding about the mini part. It's the sliver block you can almost see the Apple logo on. Above that is the usb hub.
And on the far right is kind of a mess. On the bottom, my super magic Sears tv that I got in 1982. I swear. My dad gave me the money to get it to use as a monitor when I got an Atari computer. How was I such a spoiled geek then? I was very indulged. Thank you parents. I still use it all the time when I want to watch tv at the comptuer. For a while it even had a TiVo attached, but the TiVo broke.
Speakers on top, along with an old fashioned VCR. Sometimes there's nothing on tv (especially without a TiVo). Rafiki and a panda and a green organizer where I keep things.


I'm loving it.


Today is going to be busy with things away from the computer desk. The most dreaded part is taking the papers to the taxman. Why do I hate that so much? It's just dropping off papers. It'll be over fast.

Now that I have a nice place to sit and type and click away, I intend to update on a more regular basis again. I've even started a little stickies list with ideas of things to blog about. I'm too old to really think having a new thing will change my life, but having a new computer does help things a lot. I haven't had a desktop computer since before I went to Europe, so it feels like a big deal. It feels like everything is going to be easier, but that could just be the effect of our early spring. It was in the 60s yesterday. They predict 70s tomorrow. It's the first week of March! I feel like the luckiest girl alive.

I just bought this...


It's an Acer Iconia. A 10" Android tablet.

I've been shopping for a tablet for a while. I've known I wanted one to take on our trip. I think it will be great for many things. And I decided on the Iconia for lots of reasons. First, I knew I wanted an Android tablet. And I knew I needed one with a usb port, so I can plug in an external drive (to back up photos). This is really the only tablet I could find that came with one built in. It's got a lot of other good features, and it gets excellent review after excellent review. So it's not really an impluse buy, even though I impulsively bought it when I saw it was the deal of the day on ebay today. 16% off which adds up when you're talking a few hundred dollars, right? So I called Danny and talked to him until he talked me into it. Hah. He didn't really talk me into it, but he did agree that there didn't seem to be any reason not to.

And strangely, I've been thinking a lot about the tablet in the last few days. Since I knew it was the one I wanted, why wait to buy it I was wondering. In fact after dinner, I even called Best Buy to see if they had any in stock. But I decided to wait because I'll be with my cousin the next few days and won't have time to play with it. So it just kind of seemed like the right thing to do.

It's always nerve wrecking for me when I spend that much money.
But I do it. And I did it. I'm excited and nervous. I don't think I can sleep.
I hope I don't regret it. I hope I love it. You know I'll let you know.