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Nature Photo Day 1


So have you seen that thing going around Facebook where a person "nominates" a friend to post 7 days of nature photos? I'm usually not into that kind of Facebook thing, but posting creative stuff you've done yourself? Everyone should do that. My friend nominated me last week, and tonight I posted my first photo.




I took this at a rest stop just off the highway in the very hot summer of 2014. We were on our way back from Las Vegas where we'd been visiting my brother, to Colorado for our Family Reunion. Me, My sister Megan and both of our daughters.

This is Utah. Utah is amazingly beautiful. It's so breath-taking it makes it hard to drive. We stopped at almost every rest stop through this area just so we could stand around and look for a while.

Here's another from the same stop.



How 'bout I share the rest of the photos I share this week?



Take a trip on the Liberty Bell.


If you're  not in a big hurry while you're at the Magic Kingdom, you should definitely consider taking a ride along the rivers of America on the Liberty Square Riverboat. Mark Twain narrates this 20 minute-ish ride where you'll see several scenes you can't see anywhere else, including unique views of the Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain and my favorite Disney roller coaster, Big Thunder Mountain. It's cool, relaxing and lovely so climb aboard if you're looking for a little down time in the sometimes crazy Magic Kingdom.

Jungle Cruise: Bathing Elephant


A lot of people are never excited to ride the Jungle Cruise and I understand that. If you end up with a bad skipper, it's a long boring ride and you can end up feeling trapped. But a funny skipper can make me laugh really hard, and even though they're animatronic I like looking at the animals. At it's heart, its a ride about traveling the world. I always think it's worth the risk.

bltn: Granny's Garden

bltn = better late than never. it seems like so often that is my motto. the better late than never posts are things that have been half written and sitting around for too long, but instead of just deleting them i'm going to post them anyway.

this one is so very better late, it's from 2 years ago.

I love my mom's garden. It's different every year. Here's this summer's shots.















Lion Twins


Last summer I went to the zoo with my sister, my brother and baby niece number 1.
Of course I took lots of pictures, and I was just noticing these lions.

They're males, but they were neutered when they were very young and so they will never grow the big beautiful manes they otherwise would have. 

They are still majestically gorgeous, and I wanted to show them to you.




The Donkey Cart


In the Italy pavillion at Epcot's World Showcase, there is this donkey.

There's a stand right near him that sells beverages, I think, but I never pay attention to that.
I just like the donkey.


I was thinking about him tonight. Well, really thinking how I wish I was sitting around in the Italian pavillion at Epcot enjoying the weather, watching the people and soaking in the atmosphere.



the night i had a fast pass + at illuminations


illuminations is more of a firework and laser show with narration than just fireworks. it is moving and it is a spectacle. of all the disney night time shows, illuminations is my favorite. and that's really saying a lot because they are all stunning.

that being understood, this could possibly be way too many pictures. i haven't looked at them on a big screen or done too much editing, but i think i like these the best.

i love the part at the beginning when you can feel these flames. it gets hot!




the globe withthe earth is enormous and plays sappy video to go with the sappy words throughout the show. towards the end it opens up into a ... shape.















This is one of my favorite pictures, i think. the one above. with all the white lights.



that show ends loud and bright as day.
love it. 
i wish i could take pictures of this a lot and get really good at it.

but don't worry, there are several fire work shows left in this trip.


pictures from my third day at DisneyWorld that aren't fireworks


i like these pictures from epcot's world showcase.








I had such a good time talking to Belle about my Doctor/Belle crossover shirt. All the Princesses were such fun pretneders with me about the Doctor Who shirts. It was fantastic. Those shirts also sparked some fun talk with other cast members and guests. I love wearing my heart on my tshirt.




pictures from my second day at disney world


And now, some pictures of day two.

Our room was on the third floor, and this is the view we had every time we turned the corner towards our room.


 We started our first full day at Hollywood Studios, which means a ride on Toy Story Midway Mania.


I spent Way Too Long in the line to meet Buzz and Woody. It was seriously worth it though. They were hilarious. Woody was not impressed with my Buzz shirt.


He kept pointing at his Sheriff badge. His handler said "Yes, Woody, she knows you're the Sheriff, but she loves the space man more."


I love this area and took lots of pictures of it and Gertie the dinosaur.






I love having lunch at the drive in.


 But the best part of Hollywood Stuidos? The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. No doubt.


Another shot of Triton as we went back to our room to change clothes for a late night at the Magic Kingdom.




This is one of my most favorite views of the MK.



That night we were guests of the Beast at his incredible castle.








 After, we stopped by Maurice's cottage to hear the story of when the Beast and Belle fell in love.





And what visit to Fantasyland is complete without a visit with a Princess?




This new area around Rapunzel's tower (which is where they keep some bathrooms) is a new favorite.






Our last ride of the night was through Pooh's blustery day.