Memory Keeping

1secondevery day for the year.


 2016 is over.
That probably gives you all kinds of thoughts and feels.
One thing about it is that for all of us doing 1 second every day last year, we've got a finished product.

I was far from perfect with this project - but I kept trying and I'm so glad I did. I LOVE IT!!
Take a look.



I found out just the other day that I could have cheated for the days I missed! There were several ways to add clips from the wrong day which wow would have made such a difference, and I think that's a terrific idea. Some days I had 5 clips when the day before or the next day I had zero. Turns out I don't even have to cheat in 2017 though, there's a button that will let you add a movie clip from any day so I expect 2017's 1 second every day will be even better. Because I'm absolutely doing it again, and I will absolutely advice that you should do it too!

Free app. Super easy. And I'll help if you have any questions.
Download it here.