General Hospital

My Five Most Favorite TV Shows


I don't watch that much TV. I find it mostly full of shows I don't want to watch. But when I find a show I love, I love it hard, and forever. I am always in the mood to watch an episode of these shows.




HBO made 2 seasons of this show, from 2005 to 2007. Then they ran out of money for it. Of course I loved it but I'm not the only one. If you like period shows, you might love this show. The sets were beyond my imagination. The wardrobe, the hair, the everything. And then a not too fictionalized story about Julius Caesar- it's like it was made for me. The second season goes downhill a bit, but it's excellent tv.


Game of Thrones


Almost as good with it's strength as a period show, this story is so rich and layered and fascinating. I mean there are millions of words in several books to snuggle yourself in. Not to mention hours of podcasts every week. I'm very in love with it - not just the show but the whole story. I hope it will all end in a satisfying way.


General Hospital


Yes I know this is not a good show but I can't help but love it. How many things have been a part of my life since I was in single digits? I have often said I was done watching it but I've always gone back. If I didn't stop when Luke left, I'll never stop. I'll watch this show until they stop making it, and maybe after that I'll keep it going with my own fan fiction.




This show was a little too dark and creepy, but I will always be a fan of ancient secret societies whose job it is to keep humanity safe. Roosters Vs Crows was my favorite episode. Terry O'Quinn in two other shows I loved a lot (but ended too horribly for me to remain a fan of); Alias and Lost. 


Doctor Who


The Doctor, especially in the past, is the greatest hero of all time. Not only does he save people and planets and universes, he makes everybody want to be a better person. What's better than that. 



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The one where I talk about General Hospital

It’s one of those cold, gray, moody days and I am crabby. I’ve been trying to come up with a way to put it to good use and be more positive. And then I watched General Hospital.

I can’t say I love that show, but it’s been a major part of my life since I was a little girl. And so I watch it. I stay with it even when I say I’m going to quit. I can’t help it. I can’t fight it, so I’m joining it. I mean I’m just going to admit I am powerless over that show and I will always watch it. While I mostly kind of hate it.

I’ve often thought I should write about that show. It’s something It’s definitely something I have a lot of opinions about. But I hesitate because it’s not very cool. It’s kind of embarrassing to be a General Hospital expert. I don’t like to brag. But today I feel like who even cares. People have worse character flaws and flaunt them all the time.

So without further ado, I am going to kill the two birds of finding a positive outlet for my crankiness with the long term desire to talk about GH, and tell you what I think about what’s going on with the people of Port Chuckles these days.


Corinthoses: Let’s start with the character I hate the most. You know i was hoping sonny would die, right? He is despicable. Carly? Whatever. “Does anybody like her?” hannah asked about carly. i told her no, but i know some people do. i can’t see why, but whatever. And don’t say she’s a good mom. She’s a terrible mom. “I love my kids!” she yells that a lot. But a lot of really terrible moms say the same thing. Loving is not the same as parenting.

I don’t care about Michael or Morgan. I was caring a little about Michael before he started dating Sabrina. Who thought that was a good idea? They are so boring together and have zero chemistry. Even I can’t make myself believe they’d ever actually like each other.

What happened to Morgan being bipolar? I do think I missed an episode or two, but did they just drop it and change the subject really quickly? I think they did.

I was happy to see Joss for Halloween though. I think she’d be a great character to see more of. I love her sass. Move of her please.

Jason and that whole mess:  Oh seriously? I will admit I like the new Jason way better than the old Jason (since I hated old Jason almost as much as Sonny), but can we just come out with the truth already? I’ve always hated Elizabeth and her current scheme is about the worst. She is going to be so sorry when Jason finds out. Too bad for her. Her kids are always annoying and how on earth does she think it’s ok to not get that “little Jake” therapy after being held captive by the Cassadines for years? Geez Elizabeth. Mother of the year.

It was super nice to see Audrey for a second today though. Thanks GH gods.

Having Spinelli back is kinda fun. He’s good in limited doses. But the way he abandoned this super important mission he’s done crazy things for because Ellie broke her ankle? Couldn’t the writers imagine a real emergency. Especially when the program was 99% done when he took off. Really Spinelli? A broken ankle is that much of an emergency? That’s idiotic.

Cassadines  Nick, Nick, Nick. What is wrong with you? You are part Spencer! I hate him and that girl he’s with and I don’t love his kid either. Remember that whole thing with him and Cam and Emma? They are CHILDREN. That was ridiculous. That was a while ago though and caught on and scaled that grade school love triangle back.

I wouldn’t mind if they brought Helena back. She’s the one Cassadine I love to watch.

Spencers: First, I am always team Spencer. (Please do not remind me that Carly, Nikolas, and technically Elizabeth are Spencers. I’m ignoring that.)

I have never really warmed up to “new” Lulu. I’m for her, because she’s Lulu, but I don’t really care so much. Dante? Well he’s Sonny’s son, isn't’ he? I can’t wait till he gets his comeuppance.

Of courseI need more Laura. Seriously. She is awesome. Her story can weave in with almost everyone’s. And she’s why the show is famous. I want her on the screen some more and while she’s at it she can be there to nag Nick and Elizabeth about what foul humans they are all the time. More Laura.

And more Scotty. He’s so fun and charming. More of her, too.

Maie is awesome and I want her to keep being happy with Nathan.

Franco and Nina.  These two have become the one thing I look forward to on this show. I love how completley insane Nina is, and I love how Franco loves and accepts it all. They are fantastic. Plus I like watching Nina. She’s gorgeous and she makes really fun faces.

There are plenty more stories, but I’m really not invested in any of those. Anna and Paul Hornsby. Ava and Jerry. I love Alexis but can’t love it when she’s with another mobster. Kiki. Patrick. Emma. Big Shrug.

I think that’s it! Thanks for letting me rant about stuff that doesn’t matter and isn’t even real. I actually feel better!