Good Morning.

Ok guys. I’m trying a new schedule.

My body really decided on this new schedule for me. I kept finding myself awake at 5 or 6, and yesterday I decided to stop trying to fight it and squeeze in a couple hours of extra sleep and to just Get Up and start the day when my body says to.

We’ll see how it goes.

Good morning.

I have a million and half things to do today. No, I have a million and half things to do soon, but only a few of them are being addressed today. It’s a crazy time and I’m facing it by only facing one thing at a time. In the moment. Bird by bird. All that. Today is full, and I’ll get to tomorrow, tomorrow.

At the same time, there is a list (because how can a girl survive without a lot of lists?). Everything that needs to be done is on the list, which is great because the list will remember for me so I don’t have to worry about it. Thank you list.

Before I start, I’m going to make a list of great things to help make me feel better if I feel overwhelmed today.


  1. This storm outside. It’s not great for everything, but sitting next to the window from the dry safety of my house it is fantastic.

  2. Yesterday was Spike’s birthday which reminded me of the whole time of the puppies and what a magical part of my life that was. (I love you, Luna.)

  3. I leave for Disney World in 16 days and man this is going to be such a great trip.

  4. My stove will be here Sunday.

  5. My high school class is having their 30th Anniversary celebrations this weekend.

And because no post is complete without a photo, here’s a picture of Spikey when he still lived with me as a pup. (please excuse my mess of a desk. i was helping to raise 3 puppies.)


Sleep overs are still good.

Last month, as a late birthday celebration, I went to Kansas City and spent the night with the girl who has been my best friend since 1980.

This is one of her dogs, Willie Nelson. He thinks the guest bed is his, so we shared. 


In the morning we went to her favorite breakfast spot, "You Say Tomato". We met up with a friend of her's that she's known so long I know him too. And then a couple I had never met before. I had a biscuit with mushroom gravy which I enjoyed, and part of some gooey muffin topped with delicious pecans. I liked that better. I ended up talking about my family reunion. It was a good time.




When we were hungry later, we went to Rosedale Barbeque.
As you know, Kansas City is a BBQ town, and although Rosedale isn't one of the biggest, as you can see it has been around a very long time.
My grandpa and a few of his brothers worked at Rosedale. And then my dad worked at Rosedale. And many years later, my dad opened his own BBQ in Kansas City. It was never one of the biggest names, but it was a respectable and popular place to eat. I don't like to go there anymore since he died, but I love going to Rosedale.





The inside reminds me of familiar.




Here's my turkey sandwich and some fries.



Just before I got to my friend's on Friday, she had picked up her current foster dog from the vet. He was in bad shape. He was sick and starving and had more than a few puncture wounds. He was scared, but he was sweet.





He doesn't have a permanent name yet, but he is a lover and I really love him back. I sure hope he finds an amazing time after he's all better.


** All these photos are from my phone (Samsung S4 and unedited).

chocolate is a necessary part of life

there are a lot of ways i can tell it’s time to change my nuvaring. one is that i keep remembering random mistakes i’ve made over the last 43 years or so (my memory is kinda sketchy any further back than that). another is that my google calendar sends me a text. but the most reliable thing is that i need chocolate. really. truly. need. to. eat. some. chocolate.

a lot of times this happens and there is no chocolate anywhere in my house. lucky for me this isn’t one of those times.

on my last night at disney world, i realized we had 5 snack credits left on our meal plan. you probably don’t know what that means, but basically it means that i had paid for 5 “snacks” and if i didn’t buy them by midnight i was letting disney have more of my money for nothing.

i love disney, but come on now.

so that night i was in a desperate search for some snacks i could find nearby that i could bring home or give to brian and adriane (technically they were their credits too, but they were both already passed out at our hotel).

the ladies at the starbucks in epcot were incredibly helpful, and one thing i came home with was this.

and as i was sitting here wondering what chocolate i might be able to find in my house, i remembered it.


oh man it’s good.


thanks disney world, and nice starbucks ladies. and brian and adriane who were asleep so i could make the choices.


today has been a better day than yesterday.
first of all it was warmer, and that counts for a lot.

i took daisy to the vet this morning so they could xray her knee. about a month before i left, she did some kind of thing that almost pulled a muscle in her knee. it didn’t seem really bad, but eventually i took her to the vet who gave her some pain pills and told me to not let her run or jump or play or have any fun at all. the key was to give it time to heal.

and then i came back and although it’s not at all worse, it’s not really better either. so i called this morning and made an appointment for an xray. 187 dollars later, the vet didn’t see anything but sent the image to the radiologist to see what they can see. i’ll call tomorrow and find out what the verdict is. mostly i’m just relieved i probably haven’t ruined her life by going on vacation when she was injured.

but 187 dollars. dang. that dog is expensive. she’s hasn’t cost me anything close to what my brother’s money pit dog has cost him, but she’s definitely cost more than all the other dogs i’ve had combined. good things she’s so very worth it. i love that girl so, so much.


after we got home from that, i drug hannah out of bed and to the grocery store with me. i really missed food from a home kitchen. i want to call it real food, but a lot of the disney food we ate was both real and good. i even had some fresh fruits and veg. i think you know what i mean though, even though i can’t think of how to best describe it.

we also stopped by michaels so i could buy an album to make a project life style scrapbook of our disney trip. it won’t be as awesome as my 2010 disney book, but it will still be fantastic, and oh so much easier. hannah bought a copic maker. she’s a big spender.

after that i was so incredibly sleepy i had to crash out. i tried to watch some doctor who but i think i fell asleep about 3 minutes in. after i woke up it was dinner and feed the dogs and look for the photo pass pictures and here i am.

about to go to bed again.
well not quite, but i am thinking about it.


i still wish i were still at disney world, but i’m not feeling anywhere near as sad as yesterday. i imagine after i change my ring tomorrow and fianlly get all the bags unpacked and things put away i’ll be feeling even better.

i’m definitely looking forward to that.


Tomorrow's Monday? Already?

I'm so not ready!

I was just taking a look at my week before I print off the schedule and hang it on the fridge. It does not look pretty. Well, it's on Google calendar and there are lots of colors, so it might look pretty, in a literal sense. What it doesn't look is fun. Or pleasant. Or relaxing.

Or warm.


My main worry is my girl Daisy though. She's been avoiding putting weight on one of her legs/paws for a few days. I am hesitant to take her to the vet because 1) she is terrified of the vet since the time she went there and stayed for emergency surgery and didn't come home for a couple days 2) I'm afraid the vet won't be able to figure out what's wrong either and 3) I don't want to spend a trillion dollars. On the other hand, I don't want to not take care of my dog! Ugh. I have ruled out all the obvious issues. I can poke and prod and squeeze and move all parts of her and she doesn't even turn her head. She is still running around and going up and down the stairs just to play/check things out. BUT her foot is always lifted, and she's hopping around on 3 legs. Danny has started calling her hopper. 

I'm sure I'll call the vet tomorrow, and I'm sure they doctor will say I should bring her in. That's what doctor's always say - because they can't tell over the phone. I get it. But I don't know what I'll do.

Maybe magic will happen and she'll be walking normally when we wake up in the morning.

A girl can hope. 

Otherwise it's just chores and appointments, phone calls and giving rides. And some lows in the 30s. Yikes! Wish me luck.

oh hi. of course there are pictures.


ok hi. hey. hello.

what's going on?

well, i have a cold.
so i slowed down.
which means more time on the computer.
which means hi, i'm here.

i thought i should check in.
here's what's on my mind today.

there's an informational meeting about service dogs at hannah's school next week. i can't even tell you how i'm excited i am. she really, really needs one and we've had a hard time finding our way online. i think it's extra tricky getting an alert dog for diabetes or for epilepsy. let alone both. i have a thousand and five questions and am ready for whatever information we can get!

not that i want another dog. especially a bigger dog which is what hannah wants. on the other hand, i want her to have a service dog. it would be such an awesomely big help and enable her to do so many other things. and it would be with her all the time, right? doing it's job. oh, i don't know. but i'm committed to at least checking it out. so we will. next week.

tomorrow sister #1 is coming to town to take baby niece #1 to the zoo. she's never been and she is so excited to see giraffes and elephants and rhinos. i am opposed to zoos. but i'm going to go. i want to watch baby girl be exicted. and i want to take pictures. so i'm going to meet them there and tomorrow night they're going to spend the night with auntie shelly!

this will be the third weekend in a row that'll i'll be seeing those two! that's quite a treat. last weekend i went to pittsurg to see them;

they were trying to clap together but couldn't quite get synchronized:


my mom has dogs in all sizes:


the week before that we had a little sibling day at my brother's.

brian and danny talked:


brian's dog lily supervised the baking of brownies:


the babies played:


and were adorable:


i wish everyone was coming, but one set of family is better than none.


spike has been our dog for about a year and a month now. it's hard to remember life without him. his birthday is october 1. i know because i was there! he was a teey tiny helpless baby. i thought about making the dogs a birthday cake, but danny convinced me to just get them a really good treat like one of those disgusting bones since they'll last so much longer. he'll be 5. he is sweet and hilarious and loves hannah way more than he loves the rest of us.

which reminds me one of the issues about getting a service dog, especially for h, is how it'll effect spike. 

here's a picture of him trying to wrangle a stick about 4 times longer than he is:


here he is just looking spikey:


is there anything else interesting? it doesn't seem like it. ! it's not bad, it's just lots of to do lists. or maybe it's one eternal to do list that things move on and off of. summer's on the way out and i'm not real happy about it. summer is my favorite. well, acutally this weather is my favorite. where the high is 80 and the low is around 60. we won't get much of it here in kansas but man, it's beautiful.

ok and here's a sad thing. i don't want to tell you to bum you out, but it's been on my mind a lot and i think it's a serious remindeder to love who you love while you can. why is that so hard sometimes??!?. a set of my extended family lost their baby earlier this week. he passed away in his sleep without any warning. i just can't even pick words to say about that. my heart breaks for them, i can't imagine how many pieces theirs are in. he was their only child. of course it turns my thoughts to my own baby girl, grown as she is. and it makes me grateful that even with all she's been through, and all that we've been through with her, she's still here. and mostly regular. i love her.

and it's time to pick her up from the bus stop!


recent life according to my phone pix; part 2

 We're continuing on from the last post. Now we start photos from the last week.

On Monday, H and I were in KC. Before we met up with friends for a late lunch at the BBQ that used to be my dad's, we spent some time at this lovely park. It was such a fantastic day we had to spend some part of it sitting out doors. We mostly talked about Doctor Who; what's up with the 11th Doctor, what's up with Clara, how can people hate River - stuff like that.


We wandered towards the ducks and instead found these two turtles, enjoying the sun even more than we were.


People did not make them nervous.


Tuesday we found ourselves at the doctor's office (but not THE Doctor).


When we got home and pulled in the driveway, this is what we saw! The painters had been at our house and had gotten really busy with the scraping. Exciting.


My first two paint choices were these two. After seeing them in the sun, they were both out. Too crazy of a yellow, I think.


I really wanted to like the one on the left. It's called "Friendly Yellow". What a great color for a house. Friendly Yellow. I would have called my home the Friendly Yellow House, or FYH for short. It's a shame.


I found a TV on rollback I almost bought. Until I read the reviews online. Thank technology for online reviews, right? I should have known there was a reason a 32" flat screen was 178$.


My new car. I love it so much (even though I don't think I've talked about it here or shown pictures?). I've almost driven it a thousand miles.


My favorite pizza lately = tomato pesto for the sauce, an egg and some cheese. Best served on an old Hercules plate from McDonalds.


This is how my house looked on Wednesday before the rains came. Those lights are really bad and are going to have to be replaced once the house is all bright and happy.



Spike is guarding his territory.


Alan brought this old cedar chest over for our garage sale. I think my mom is going to take it. 


And then yesterday. Such a perfectly beautiful spring day. I hope this snow and freeze doesn't kill off all those buds and ruin everything. Jack Frost is a Jerk.


recent life according to my phone pix

Trying to sum up the crazy that = my life right now is way too big of a task. So I decided to let my phone tell the story, with pictures from the past couple weeks.

The 15th was Hannah's birthday. We did several things to celebrate. One was buying her this totally cool Doctor Who belt that is made with an old car safety belt buckle.


We also stopped in the Disney store. When the worker lady heard me mention her birthday, she made H this button. (It says Elizabeth because that's what the girl goes by now with everyone but her family)


One day I was feeling a bit overwhemled with home repairs, they money they involve, my crazy dogs and many other things. I remembered this quote I love and decided to write it up in my journal. I love it because it can be so true - but at the same time, compared to the problems of Camille Claudel and so many other people, it helps me not take it all to seriously.

i have all sorts of problems and feel discouraged.

In the middle of that week, my best cousin Angie and her son Tyler came to Lawrence to visit me. I had a super good time all day long. When baby niece #1 saw this picture, she said "That's Shelly with her friends."



Angie and Spike made a sort of uneasy alliance. Angie got brave and decided to hold him to get their picture together.


Friday of that week was Alan's birthday, and he wanted to go to this old car place and look at a lot of shiny old cars.


After that we had dinner. Since people are complaining lately about how they don't want to see pictures of people's dinner all over the internet, I thought I'd share a picture of what used to be my dinner. Actually I just didn't think to take a picture until it was all gone. It was delish.


To cap off the exciting birthday adventures, we checked out used books. I was surprised to find a second edition copy of the Rick Steve's travel book that has since helped me and countless others tackle a trek through Europe. It's changed a lot over the years. I didn't want to have it, so I just took a picture of it.

europe through the back door by rick steves

And then it snowed. At the time it seemed crazy that it was snowing on April 23rd, but now that's it's snowing right now on May 2nd it doesn't seem quite as remarkable.

snow on april 23

 The next day it was warm and sunny again. Both my dogs were on watch.



A couple days later Hannah had that bad seizure. The dogs watched over her the next day while she rested.


That weekend we were watching the latest episode of Doctor Who. Watching the credits, I thought "Oh, huh. That Mat spells his name like my friend Mat King.... Wait a minute!" Weird. I'm pretty sure it wasn't my Mat King because he gives me a hard time about loving the Doctor. But you never really know, do you?




I'm going to show you guys some pictures.

most of them are about food. just a warning.


I got some Jammie Dodgers! After the recommendations of both Eddie Izzard and The Doctor (each a man I admire), I was excited to see what they were like! The biscuts are not sweet at all, but the jam is so jammie that it works out perfectly. They go especially well with some kind of coffee treat.




edamame and hummus. very beany. and look how much asparagus i got on my plate!

friday night hannah and i were hanging out and she decided she wanted to watch the last two episodes of doctor who, season 7, part one. i had already seen them, but i am always ready to watch some doctor who.


i cried again the second time i saw this. the doctor is so sad. amy loves rory so much. and melody is so happy for them.


it was so sad it was almost like a dementor attack, so we needed chocolate.


Daisy slept through it all. She is not impressed by The Doctor.

9 pictures from the backyard yesterday.

Today is frigid, gray and windy.
But yesterday was a little bit warm and full of sunshine.
I took my dogs and my camera and walked around the back yard.


Daisy goes off on her own to explore, but Spike likes to stay right by my side.



Spike doesn't mind having his picture taken nearly as much as Daisy does.


This is the lion who watches over our garden in the summer. 



One of my favorite things in our back yard is this giant knot of tree-ness that pokes up from the ground. Here's just a bit of it.


Oh look, it's me.


This is Daisy rubbing her face in the snow.


I'm making a goal to take some photos every day this month. I'll share them here in case you want to see.