Where I'm Headed with the Doctor

After I read about the newest archaeological discovery around Stonehenge, I was telling my friends that when I get to be the Doctor’s companion that will be the first place I’ll ask him to take me. Although I might not have to ask because he usually asks his companion first. All of time and space, where do  you wanna start?

I liked the idea so much I made a list. I meant for it to be a list of ten, but it grew.

  1. super ancient Salisbury plain

  2. to meet Julius Caesar (especially 63BC or maybe the Kalends of February right before he is killed)

  3. when Queen Elizabeth I is told she is the queen.

  4. to meet Cyrus the Great of Persia

  5. Hanging Gardens of Babylon

  6. the height of the civilization that built Angkor Wat

  7. Santorini before the volcano

  8. the first humans

  9. A meeting of the Inklings (on a night both CS Lewis and Tolkien were there and in rare form)

  10. the streets of Paris with Henry Miller

  11. to meet Catherine the Great, who may or may not be my auntie

  12. Southern England in Roman times

  13. Lhasa Apsos running about a Buddhist temple

  14. Florence during the Renaissance

  15. a Todd Rundgren concert in NYC in the 70s

  16. in the radio station broadcasting War of the Worlds

  17. Disneyland on opening day

  18. to meet Dorothy Wordsworth (William’s sister)

  19. to meet the actual King Arthur

  20. Alexander the Great in India

  21. the Library of Alexandria

  22. my town the day before Quantrill’s raid

  23. to meet Henry VIII as a young man

  24. Glastonbury Tor, anytime BC

  25. Marie Antoinette’s hamlet, in the day

  26. the Beat poets in NYC

  27. Philadelphia in the mid 1770s

  28. the Oracle of Delphi

  29. Kansas City in the Pendergast era

  30. the Frost Faire on the Thames

Where would you go? I'd love to hear. Comment here or on Facebook!


Binge watching Arrow

I started watching the CW’s show Arrow on Saturday. I heard John Barrowman was on it and I really missed him. It’s Monday night and right after dinner I finished the last episode of the first season.

I am not proud of this, but it’s true. I thought I’d try to make my wasted time useful by writing about it.

Here’s my major complaint about the show: its dynamic range. Once second they’re having whispery quiet heartfelt conversations. The next second it’s rapid fire shot guns and crashing into tables and punches so loud they sound like gun fire. Seriously show, how am I supposed to listen to that. There are tvs and tv boxes now that let you control the level of dynamic range. I  will be happy when I have one.


Here’s a thought I had early on that returned several times as I watched. Why is this guy any better than Dexter? He’s killing bad guys, but he’s not just killing one very bad guy every few episodes - he’s killing a lot of guys every show. Including a lot of bad guy henchmen - which I admit - if you’re a bad guys henchman, you’re probably a bad guy as well. But maybe not. Maybe you just really need a job. Maybe it’s a bad time in your life. Maybe you’re just making bad choices.

Anyway, the death toll kind of bothered me but I know I’m sensitive to that kind of thing. It did make me think of all the people that were all “Oh, a show about a serial killer? I could never watch something like that!” about Dexter and I wondered what they’d say about this show.

I brought it up at dinner tonight which did make me think of this difference: Dexter really enjoyed killing people. It gave his life meaning and pleasure. But Oliver Queen was just killing people as a means to a noble end. Maybe that’s the difference.

Anyway, I obviously didn’t hate it because I sure watched a lot.

I liked the way the backstory came out in little bits and pieces. That’s probably what kept me watching. I wanted to know what happened. I wanted answers to the mystery. I still kind of do. Like how did Captain Jack (Malcom Merlyn) got to be a hooded man himself? Actually that’s about the only thing I’m curious about at this point, but hopefully season 2 will bring it’s own mysteries.

My own fan wank/head canon is that Malcom Merlyn is actually Captain Jack, after he was a rogue time agent but before the Doctor made him a better person. I don’t know how River Song ended up in the same story unless she was just trying to keep an eye on him from a distance, but I did very much enjoy seeing her and hope I see more of her.

About the show? Well, it’s predictable. It’s a superhero show. Bad guys lose. The actors are all fine, and some of them are pretty. I’m not a huge fan of his sidekick for some reason, but of course I love Felicity. I do not trust any of them.

Hulu has the first 6 episodes of season 2. Hopefully the rest will be out on DVD before I finish those 6. 



pictures from my third day at DisneyWorld that aren't fireworks


i like these pictures from epcot's world showcase.








I had such a good time talking to Belle about my Doctor/Belle crossover shirt. All the Princesses were such fun pretneders with me about the Doctor Who shirts. It was fantastic. Those shirts also sparked some fun talk with other cast members and guests. I love wearing my heart on my tshirt.




what's been going on

last night i discovered a bunch the classic doctor episodes are now streaming on netflix. i would like to hide away in a room somewhere until i had seen them all, but there’s life and christmas and all that, so i’ll have to do it a little at a time.

it’s crazy to me that it was only a year ago that i started watching doctor who at all. i remember being at my mom’s last christmas and watching episodes on my tablet while they watched movies i didn’t want to see (horror movies, no thanks). i also remember telling mady we had to be quiet the night she decided she wanted to to nite nite in my bed so we could watch the doctor. “doctor pence?” she asked, because that’s her doctor. she was two though so i thought she said doctor pants. “no, i don’t know who doctor pants is but this is THE doctor.” i told her. one of these days she’s going to fall in love with him like i have. i’m certain of it.

so it’s sunday. i have a bunch of stuff to do but i’m putting it all off until i feel like doing it. or until lunch time at least. yesterday was crazy and it can all wait.

my plans of writing here every day kind of fell apart when alan came over. that’s always a problem with staying consistent with writing online. when alan’s around i just can’t seem to do it. it’s not that he would mind, but i just can’t really get my head in the right place. that’s a problem i really need to figure out. because i want him around, but i want to consistently do my thing too.

it was good when alan was here though. i like him. and he helped me get over being so sad about being back from vacation. he also made me do boring but necessary things like get the battery in the saturn charged and taking my good car to see what the pesky check engine light was all about.

the thing about the check engine light is you never know what it means. it might mean nothing - my old honda’s light is always on because there’s something about the mixture on the exhaust that isn’t really anything to be concerned about - or it mean watch out your car is about to explode.

this time it was my downward o2 sensor. now it’s all fixed.

my bff deb was in town on tuesday. we had a late breakfast at taco johns because mexican breakfast is the best breakfast. later that day alan came over. he stayed til thursday when i saw my therapist which was very helpful. it was pretty nice out all those days and i was incredibly appreciative.

later that night my boyfriend called to say he’d left a little present in the ‘girls kick ass’ drawer (which is a drawer in my art room with a girls kick ass sticker from the 90s which was seriously just a few years ago, right?) he told me it was no big deal and not to get excited..


aww. hot tamales. i love them, but i’m allergic to fake cinnamon. it makes my tongue do weird and hurty things. but i love it so much. if i’m careful i can have a little at a time and it was just the perfect gift to cheer me up when i was needing it.

friday i took my car to topeka to be fixed up, and that day the weather turned ugly. since it was the middle of december i really shouldn’t have been so cranky about it, but i have to admit i was. i did a bunch of my christmas shopping while we waited on the car so that was good. we went out for lunch and the check out girl gave us a senior discount!


i don’t know if she was just being nice (we were having a good little chat about the weather) or she made a mistake or she actually thought we were old enough to deserve the senior discount. i am trying to not take it personally and just be grateful lunch was so cheap.

that night i got home after danny was already out with leonard and hannah was already off to work, so i sat in my bed with my electric blanket and my macbook and wasted time posting too much on facebook, looking at imgur and watching tv.

look what was on!


i love victor garber and godspell, and i love stephen schwartz most of all. pippin. godspell. hunchback of notre dame.


and then it was saturday, which was yesterday. i woke up in the am and the news people were freaking out about the oncoming storm (and they did not mean the doctor). i decided to get up and get out and get all my shopping done early! i went to target, where they informed at the checkout they were giving everyone 10% off that day. well merry christmas. i went on to a couple other stores, and even stopped downtown for a few things before i headed home to make a late breakfast for everyone.


home made mcdonalds. a thousand times better. yum!

when i told my family about the target discount, we decided to head out and stock up. well, d and i wanted to stock up and hannah wanted to buy some clothes. combined with our red card, it was 15% off everything and you don’t get that every day. together we filled up 3 carts and barely fit everything in our car! it was some crazy shopping. the overall discount, plus some of the crazy sales they were having - i was feeling like an extreme couponing lady. h said target was like a lover who got caught cheating (because of the giant security breach) - “baby, i’m sorry. please don’t leave me.” it worked on us.

the ice pellets started pouring down just as we were unloading the car.

and then i spent the rest of the night freaking out about having to go out to take h to work and pick her up. it was ugly out and it was ugly in my worried brain. i complained about it all night on facebook so i’m not going to do it here.

i am a worried mom.
i wish i weren’t.
pain without suffering, dawn michele.

and that leads us to here. so if you’ve been dying to know what i’ve been up to, there you go.

today is a day for wrapping. tomorrow is a day for cooking. and then the next days are for celebrating christmas. that should be crazy, as usual. it’ll be the first christmas without my brother around and that’ll be sad - but there will be the awesome baby girls and that’ll be fantastic.