the thing is i have way more to say than any of you really want to hear.


i've watched a couple dozen youtubes, read a few articles, and rambled on for quite some time to my best friend who barely has any idea what i'm talking about. i've figures some stuff out. like i'm using the rally template, which is in the brine family. i decided side bars are way too 2005 and i don't need one. i've decided i am going to keep this here and it will function, from my point of view, a lot like my facebook wall did when i first started. and like my live journal was. you should have zero expectations of this being... interesting :).  i mean it might be. but then again it very well might not. maybe it's like if we were roommates and we bumped into each other int he kitchen or the living room. i'll have something to say (because i'm me). it might be pointless. it might be interesting. who knows. life is like that.

so i made those decisions.

it's one of those days my brain is just a little too fast for me so to slow it down i've got my "songs i like" playlist from spotify on the downstairs speakers, aerial africa (from natgeo) on the monitor and "Ice Age Columbus" on the big TV.

{by the way that is an amazing show you should watch. i've probably seen it infinity times.}

but now it's almost dinner.
it's 17 whole degrees outside, so i'm going to make chili. i don't love chili, but when it's winter you make a lot of concessions.


also: this is very much like what my "journal entries" of olden days were like.



April is almost over.

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything and that always makes me feel weird about posting again. Shouldn’t I explain a very sold excuse about why I haven’t posted and shouldn't it also be a post so great that I had to rush off and write it? Well no of course  not, but I get hung up sometimes. I’ve learned over the years the best way to get back into is to just jump.

April is almost over and I couldn’t be more glad. April is my most crazy month. There are the car tags to renew because I always forget to do it in march and there are taxes. The 3 people I spend most my time with, Hannah, Danny & Alan, all have their birthdays within 4 days of each other, and this year Easter happened in the middle of those 4 days. This year we also fixed up a not so great car for Hannah, dealt with way too much medical paperwork and helped a little while my mom and Hannah sold their wares at a local Earth Day festival. Is that it? I don’t know, but add those to life’s regular details and it was more than enough.

This is my family. I love that we're all girls. 
There were two boys there, but they married in.

Oh, I also slammed my 4 month old, amazing phone in the door of Hannah’s new car. It wasn't just a shattered screen, the whole body of the phone was bent. That was bad. I switched back to a Galaxy 4 for most of the month until I got desperate and found a place that could fix it for me. They replaced the screen and the housing and it's as good as new. (ubreakifix in Wichita. They were amazing, so ask me about them if you need some personal electronics fixed.)

Here’s a before and after picture.

  Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 8.03.50 AM

And I lost a necessary piece of my Instant Pot (a magical pressure cooker). I couldn't even remember how to cook without that thing. It was a rough month.

The biggest news though was that Hannah finally got her driver's license. Seriously. After 8 years (wow) of trying to stay seizure free and work through a ridiculous amount of red tape and doctor visits, that girl can drive. Wherever, whenever. It's amazing. It changes both of our lives in such positive and profound way. I could not be happier for her.

Facebook keeps reminding me that a year ago today I was on my first cruise. And 3 years ago this week we were at Disney World. And 7 years ago I was in NYC. Somehow I missed the memo that I was meant to be on vacation this week. Dang. There are so many places I want to go. Maybe next year I'll remember and plan a vacation at the end of April to reward myself for making it through the month. And through the winter.

Spring is here. Right now it's chilly, and this weekend it will be rain for days with highs in the 50s. But it's inevitable - warmth and sunshine are just around the corner. Our winter wasn't bad this year but man I'm ready for less bundling up and more sitting outside. Summer, FTW. Always. 

So there's my month. I am planning to be a total hermit in May. Total. I have so many things I want to do inside this house it seems like a really good idea. And there's a lot of stuff I want to do inside my head. This is a weird transition time for me. I like it, don't get me wrong. But for the last 24 years my life has been about that girl, and now it's not. Interesting. I feel like I have a lot to think about. It's an unusual time.

Daisy keeps staring at me. It's about a half an hour until her breakfast and she wants to be sure I don't forget. Actually I think she wants to ask me if I feel like feeding her early today. She loves food more than anyone (human or not) I have ever known. And those eyes of hers -- yes I feel like feeding her early.

Later guys. 

Sometimes slow and boring are perfect.




Things around here have slowed down and gotten almost boring. I am loving it. I loved it when it was crazy the last couple months, too. I guess I like to live one extreme for a while, and then move to another. Moderation? Whatever.

I've been busy, actually, just with projects around my house and my brain. I love my house in a lot of ways, but it just looks horrible. Lame. Outdated. Like it never had any kind of plan. I don't like it so have been focused on changing that. I've also been a bit obsessed with things in my kitchen. A few months ago I bought a Food Saver vacuum machine and spent some time stocking up on stuff for the deep freeze. Last week I got an Instant Pot (pressure cooker) and oh my goodness that thing is crazy fun. I love it. But not as much as a lot of people on the internets. People are serious about their Instant Pots. And I finally realized how inexpensive it is got get a membership at Costco and I went. Alan, Hannah, Hannah's friend and me, like it was a big fun Friday night outing (it was on a Friday night). I don't even want to tell you how much money I spent. I did only use one regular cart though, and I do now have enough food to feed everyone I know. Just in case you all come over at once. I'm ready.

I've also been working at this computer a lot lately. I lost a backup drive and went on a serious mission to back up everything in one spot forever. It was not easy. The next step is to make a copy for Danny to keep at his office. While I was doing that I decided to get my working drive and my Lightroom catalog in order. Wow I have a lot of fun pictures I'd forgotten about. It makes me want to make more photo books and share things with my friends and family. Which is probably partly why I have also launched Muse quite a bit to work on a set of webpages for myself. already exists, but I am planning to make it a real, full website like it used to be when I had a website back in the day.

In obvious news, it's the end of summer. I see lots of posts about looking forward to Autumn weather, but don't count me in with that group. I'd like it to be 80 forever. I mean cooler at night of course, but yeah. Long live summer and bah to fall, I say.






Unpredictable Day


Well look at the clock.
It is 10:02p. Definitely didn't do the post early thing today.
But it was a truly unpredictable day.

I woke up in the middle of the night with the once a month migraine, so I rummaged for drugs and went back to sleep. I was mostly asleep when my sister called to tell me our mom was headed to the hospital. !! I was only partly surprised because when I talked to her a few days ago she said she was getting a cold and hoped it didn't turn into pneumonia as it so often does for her at this time of year. When Hannah talked to her yesterday she talked to her she sounded horrible. But dang! My poor mom. Sure enough, she has pneumonia and is the hospital for at least a few days.

To make that even a worse story, we were having our Family Thanksgiving at her house this weekend. And a baby shower for my baby sister who is about to have another baby. How sad! I think my mom is going to be home alone of Thanksgiving. That's breaks my heart a little bit.

Anyway, H and I are going down tomorrow to at least see the pregnant baby sister and do a kind of mini-showerish thing. I haven't seen her or niece #2 for a long time, and I won't see them again until after the new baby arrives (that one's due 1.1.16). And to visit the sick mommy of course.

So that was the morning. 
I went back to sleep a little bit and then there was someone at my door. I was still not dressed and absolutely disheveled but I didn't even care because my head hurt. I went to the door -- and it was my favorite cousin surprise visiting us from Ohio. It was a so good. I had a blast sitting and chatting with her and Hannah for a few hours. I wish we lived in the same town! Or even same state. I liked it so much my headache started to go away (I'm sure it had a little to do with the magic of modern medicine and caffeine, as well).

Eventually she needed to take off to see her dad so we hugged goodbye. H and I had a bunch of things planned for this morning, so after Angie left we got busy. We shoved some food in our faces and Hannah worked on her room some while I went to get my hair cut a little. When I got back I realized I hadn't put stuff in the crockpot for dinner! but imagined if I did it right away it would be good for a late dinner, which would be good with us anyway after a late lunch. Hannah helped me put it all together and then we took off for plenty of errands, including a much needed Starbuck's treat at Target.

We didn't get everything on our list done, but it was very close. Eventually we headed home so Danny could have dinner before it he started to starve. And after dinner we all had one of those talk about everything in the world long conversations for so long that The Blacklist was just ending by the time I made it to my tv!! Thank you CBS for putting it on the internet for me tomorrow. I hope it's better than last week's episode.

And then it's now. Later than when I started writing this of course, but still pre-Perry (Mason. Long story.) Any minute now I'm going to go climb under the blankets and set the timer on the tv. Because as much as I truly love Perry, Paul and Della, I usually fall asleep before they've won their victory in court.

Who knows what might happen tomorrow!