8 photos from my cell phone


There have been a lot of words lately, so let's change things up and look at some pictures from my cell phone in the last few weeks.


It is freezing now, but just a couple weeks ago it was gorgeous outside!


So nice, I was able to sit outside and read, which is truly one of my top pleasures in life. This day I was finishing up Wild by Cheryl Strayed on the tablet.


And on this sunny day about a week later, I was back outside with an actual paper book. You might remember I was reading this book many weeks ago. But then I lost it for a while. That's one bonus of digital books over paper - it's much harder to lose them.


These sweet dogs love to hang out with me while I soak up the sun.


Last week, our favorite soda was on sale at Target. It was 2 bucks, plus a cartwheel coupon, plus H's discount, plus the redcard discount. They were practically free. I had to take a picture because that is an insane amount of soda for any one family to have. I expect it to last a good long time.


Our Disney trip is so, so close. The suitcases are in the library, waiting. The blue one is mine.


And I've been shopping. There's a whole lot of last minute things to buy.


My mom's been in the hospital, which is bad. But I got to see my family when I went to visit her and that was good. That's me and my sisters.


My sisters and I laughed taking our photo, but nothing like we laughed trying to get a shot of me and these silly nieces!


And last, but far from least, I found this brilliant piece of advice while flipping through my journal.



Last week.


Last week was a lot better than the week before. This week is probably going to be even better. Here are some pictures from my cellphone.


Not as cool as the Starbucks on Main Street. Not even close. But at least at the Starbucks in my town I can sit at a table and do some writing while I caffeinate.


 There's been way too much of this = laying in my bed reading or listening to my tablet. On good days, the window is open and I can feel the breeze and feel the smell the outside while I'm drowned out by the sound of the cicadas. 


 I ordered a grown up coloring book of Mandalas. Brilliant idea. It's incredibly calming and very fun.



Hannah and I finally made it to Worlds of Fun. I wouldn't say it was worlds of fun, but it wasn't bad. We'll absolutely be back. I think Hannah's favorite part was "Dinosaurs Alive", at least I think that's what it's called. If you don't have a season pass you have to pay extra for it and I'm not sure it's worth it, but for free it was fun. It's a pathway through the trees and every few feet there's a life sized dinosaur. Lots of them are animatronic and make sounds. I recognized the Carnotaurus right away though. It's the big dino that scares you right when you get your picture taken on the Dinosaur! ride at Animal Kingdom in Disney World. Scary!


 The Flying Dutchman! It was so empty that day that the ride wasn't even going until we got in line. When I was a little girl this was my favorite ride. This time it made me a little dizzy.


 I'm not entirely unpacked from Orlando, and Daisy thinks it's great. She's made this pile her new bed.


I got to see my bff Deb one day. We went to the KC BBQ place where my dad, uncle, grandpa and great uncles all worked at one point. It was delicious and we left so, so stuffed.

The weekend was also fun. I'm planning to tell you about that next.


Life According to My Cell Phone Pictures


This is what my computer desk looks like right now.


There was Thanksgiving and then there was Disney and then it was Christmas and then it was post all that and it was freezing and I was having a hard time getting it together.

To drag myself out of that, I cleaned some things. That always helps, as strange as it seems. I started with my computer table.

When it was cold, I spent a lot of time doing this: Watching TV cuddled up to the space heater.


The dogs didn’t mind the cold though. Spike even kind of likes it. 


This morning temperature was insane - and not even the coldest it got!


I had to replace my old and well used paper slicer. Here’s the old and new, side by side.


I’m going to relaunch Project Life this year. I bought this album to tell the story of our Disney trip,


and this one for 2014


Daisy slept on my laundry.


I made some pizza.


Hannah took me to lunch to thank me for driving her to the doctor in KC. We liked our fortunes.


Danny, Hannah and I went in to KC again on the weekend. We tried some Krispy Kreme for the first time ever (how weird is that),


And then went to see Frozen, which I am sad to say I didn’t really love even though we had a really good time seeing it.


Life According to my Cell Phone Pictures

I love cell phone cameras. As soon as they started making cell phones with cameras I was all about having one. Lately, the phone's camera is one of the main things I base my purchase on. A camera with me all the time? Big yes to that.

So sometimes, the best indicators of what I've been doing lately are my cell phone pictures. I'm going to show you some!

Daisy got groomed. I think she likes her hair short, but she really, really hates to be groomed. 


Here she is with some fancy iPhoto filters.


I bought a lot of red things at the farmer's market. 


Also some yellow, green and white things.


That turquoise bag is one they were giving away at the market this past Saturday. They were taking a survey of things like how often do you come here and how many things do you usually buy. You could have a bag if you participated, but you could have one if you didn't participate, too. I totally participated because they took the survey by giving you stickers to indicate your answers. Stickers! If there were stickers in the olden days like there are now, you could have bribed me to do just about anything with a sticker.

I take a lot of pictures of Daisy on my bed. Because it happens a lot at night when I'm not really doing anything, and she's there, and my phone is there. I know I take a lot more pictures of Daisy than I do of Spike, and I'm glad he's a dog so that can't hurt his feelings. He sleeps upstairs. Either with Danny or Hannah or in the hallway between their bedrooms. He takes his watchdog responsibilities seriously. He is the police of our house.


Daisy is so much more relaxed.


Over the weekend, I watched a really, really bad documentary called Still Alive. I've been wanting to see it because it's purported to be a movie about Paul Williams whom I spent a number of my preteen years loving. This movie was not about Paul Williams. He was in it, but it really wasn't about anything. I dare anyone to sum this movie up in one sentence. It has no point. No thesis. Nothing. Lame. I love Paul Williams as much as ever.


As a family, our favorite thing about the farmer's market this year has been the corn. Oh my it's delicious. Thank you farmers! It was scarce this week, and the guy who sold these to me said it was the last harvest of the season. I will miss it dearly. We're having it twice this week.



I always buy a little basil at the market. Almost always anyway. And usually a lot of it goes to waste. This week I decided to freeze some. I followed some directions on line and chopped these up in the food processor, added some of the good olive oil and put them in these ice cube trays. 


We've had an ice maker for a long time, so I didn't have any ice cube trays. I went to the dollar store to pick some up, but the didn't have any. As I was about to leave I noticed these Halloween ice cube trays, to make ice shaped like pumpkins, and figured for a dollar, these would work. I will have little frozen bagel pumpkins.