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February 2018

I bought my plane tickets to London, you guys.


i did it.

i've been psyching myself up for the last week to buy my tickets to London (and back), and tonight i finally did it.
did i make good choices? well i don't know. only time will tell, but i made choices and that was good.

so now it's on.
i kinda think it might be all europe all the time from now until i get there. it's 84 days till i leave america, so 70some until i leave kansas (i haven't picked a day for that quite yet).

here's a picture of glastonbury tor from my 2007 visit, and a list to get me started planning.




places i hope i get to go and things i hope i get to do:

  • not pass out or cry too loudly when we see Hamilton
  • the tower
  • the museums
  • hang out around the river
  • st paul's
  • hampton court
  • hever castle
  • all the london walks
  • a river cruise
  • oxford & cs lewis spots
  • the globe
  • kew gardens
  • glastonbury, and the tor
  • my friend jen's garden and her family if they're around
  • vindolanda/hadrian's wall with my high school friend
  • the lake district to obsess over everything william & dorothy wordsworth did and wrote about
  • drive around somerset and see all the very ancient british places. sleep in a b&b on the tor.
  • visit my friend from high school in devon
  • sit on a hill above tintern abbey and listen to a recording of "lines composed a few miles above tintern abbey
  • maybe run to cardiff really quickly to see doctor who stuff but i don't think that will work?
  • go to paris with my cousins
  • see henry miller paris spots
  • go to versailles
  • have a good time visiting with my family


that's not too crazy of a list.

i'm sure there are a lot of things i'm not thinking about right now though.


Louvrepyramidfrom my visit to paris also in 20017


there will be themes. 

  1. alexander hamilton: historical spots in the us and the musical in london
  2. literature: henry miller, cs lewis, the wordsworths, beatrix potter
  3. art: all the art i can stand to stare at

that's cool. history, art, and literature - those are my favorite things.

so the countdown is on!
(the countdown was always on but now i'm paying attention.)

have you been to any of these places? any tips for me? thoughts? just want to talk about travel or history or hamilton? do it :)