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My Impromptu Trip to Orlando, Part 1

10 things about my life right now


Every now and then I like to make a quick list of some simple things that are going on in my life at the moment. It's a nice thing to be able to look back at years later. I might remember big things that happen in my life, but small things like this get lost amidst the mess.

(This was actually written last night, but since who knows when you'll read this, I count it as still valid.)


drinking:    Diet Dr Pepper from Sonic (thank you Danny)

watching:   Cosplay Melee. Expedition Unknown is up next.

feeling:        worried 

reading:      Notes From a Small Planet

travel dreaming:    Roths Road Trip

weather:    100 degrees in the shade

project:      collage walls and Colorado photos

listening:   to podcasts about game of thrones
                            (Cast of Kings, History of Westeros, The Citadel)

trying:         to make time to go to Costco with Hannah

missing:     my Roths family!


bonus bit: if the Doctor picked me up right now in his/her Tardis, I'd vote to go to Rome in about 46 bc.