I didn't forget.
BLTN : December 2013

It's strange the things you remember.

Every once in awhile, a strange and random memory from my DCP will flash back in my brain and i will miss it all over again.


Lately I’ve been thinking about walking through that empty spot between Adventureland and Frontierland. I only ever went there when I was really bored.


I never really knew I had a favorite park until I lived there, and it quickly became clear it was the Magic Kingdom. And after a few unhurried visits, I also realized which lands were my favorite. Almost every single time I’d walk down Main Street and turn right. Sometimes to Tomorrowland and sometimes to Fantasyland but always that direction. I’d walk around until maybe Rapunzel’s Potty. If I was riding the Haunted Mansion I’d go that far, but almost every time I’d turn around by that point, or take the shortcut through Liberty Square back to the hub.

Towards the end of my program, I started to wander a little further into Frontierland. One of the chairs or planters along the street became a popular spot to find me just watching people or writing in my journal.

Which leaves Adventureland, which it turned out is my least favorite.

But there was this one day when I was at the Magic Kingdom alone and in no hurry and I intentionally tried to find some stuff to like in Adventureland. And lately, that tiny little section of the turn between it and the Frontier have been in my mind a lot.







It's nice to have the time to notice such things.

So I kind of get that memory popping in my head. It's pleasant and pretty. But this morning I keep thinking about from Hollywood Studios and to the parking lot. Strange. I don't even have a good image to help you envision that memory. There's just this:


to help me remember where I parked.

Brains are funny things sometimes.