Right Now
It's strange the things you remember.

I didn't forget.


Remember when I went to California last month? Of course not, because I haven’t told you anything about it yet. But I haven’t forgotten. I am just slow. It's my Better Late Than Never lifestyle.

I do want to tell you about it though. And show you pictures, of course.
First let me show you some of the lovely people I was able to visit while I was there.
(Nowhere near all of them, but some.)


This is me with my cousin Nikki. She and her husband were my incredible hosts. Her dad and my dad are first cousins.


This is Nikki’s grandma, my Great Aunt Jeanne. She’s a super fun woman and I’ve loved her a very long time. The time I got to spend with her was precious and I’m so grateful it happened! She’s officially my Nana now.


Nikki and her husband have amazing and adorable toddler twins. Their son really didn’t have time to take a picture with me, but their daughter did!


These are two cousins I love so much! I didn’t get to spend nearly enough time with either of them (which is pretty much always true). This just motivates me to go back, right?

Those are some of the people, so next time some of the fun!