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One last thing about my birthday.

49 gratitudes


Yesterday was my birthday, and now I'm 49.
I made a list of 49 things I'm grateful about as I turn 49.
Like the other list, it's in no orderly order and I'm certain I've forgotten some vital gratitudes.

  1. my big yellow house

  2. my car

  3. that i was picked and that i did the dcp

  4. my technology

  5. daisy

  6. alan

  7. hanging out with william burroughs

  8. my bed and those sheets

  9. music

  10. the birds in my backyard

  11. that i went to sumner academy

  12. really, really good friends

  13. my family, close and extended

  14. all the places i’ve been

  15. having jane as a therapist all these years

  16. being able to pay bills

  17. how much stuff my mom knows

  18. one set of really wonderful grandparents

  19. people i’ve known for a really long time.

  20. all of my pens and markers

  21. living in LFK

  22. my relative health

  23. lora reiter and peter sandstrom

  24. all the great shows i’ve seen

  25. that i get to have a great camera

  26. that i have a good computer

  27. my stove

  28. that greg found me

  29. general hospital

  30. the schools i’ve been to

  31. my parents

  32. the ability to watch shows in my own home

  33. 2 years of film school

  34. public libraries

  35. knowledge at my fingertips

  36. having seen amazing art in person

  37. having stood in the ocean

  38. having slept in the mountains

  39. my little family

  40. better living through chemistry

  41. all the dogs i have known

  42. photographs

  43. so many words from other people

  44. indoor plumbing

  45. climate control

  46. the grocery store

  47. a room full of books

  48. having siblings

  49. having ridden horses