Life According to my Cell Phone Pictures
My Disney 2010 Memory Book : Part 2

oh hi. of course there are pictures.


ok hi. hey. hello.

what's going on?

well, i have a cold.
so i slowed down.
which means more time on the computer.
which means hi, i'm here.

i thought i should check in.
here's what's on my mind today.

there's an informational meeting about service dogs at hannah's school next week. i can't even tell you how i'm excited i am. she really, really needs one and we've had a hard time finding our way online. i think it's extra tricky getting an alert dog for diabetes or for epilepsy. let alone both. i have a thousand and five questions and am ready for whatever information we can get!

not that i want another dog. especially a bigger dog which is what hannah wants. on the other hand, i want her to have a service dog. it would be such an awesomely big help and enable her to do so many other things. and it would be with her all the time, right? doing it's job. oh, i don't know. but i'm committed to at least checking it out. so we will. next week.

tomorrow sister #1 is coming to town to take baby niece #1 to the zoo. she's never been and she is so excited to see giraffes and elephants and rhinos. i am opposed to zoos. but i'm going to go. i want to watch baby girl be exicted. and i want to take pictures. so i'm going to meet them there and tomorrow night they're going to spend the night with auntie shelly!

this will be the third weekend in a row that'll i'll be seeing those two! that's quite a treat. last weekend i went to pittsurg to see them;

they were trying to clap together but couldn't quite get synchronized:


my mom has dogs in all sizes:


the week before that we had a little sibling day at my brother's.

brian and danny talked:


brian's dog lily supervised the baking of brownies:


the babies played:


and were adorable:


i wish everyone was coming, but one set of family is better than none.


spike has been our dog for about a year and a month now. it's hard to remember life without him. his birthday is october 1. i know because i was there! he was a teey tiny helpless baby. i thought about making the dogs a birthday cake, but danny convinced me to just get them a really good treat like one of those disgusting bones since they'll last so much longer. he'll be 5. he is sweet and hilarious and loves hannah way more than he loves the rest of us.

which reminds me one of the issues about getting a service dog, especially for h, is how it'll effect spike. 

here's a picture of him trying to wrangle a stick about 4 times longer than he is:


here he is just looking spikey:


is there anything else interesting? it doesn't seem like it. ! it's not bad, it's just lots of to do lists. or maybe it's one eternal to do list that things move on and off of. summer's on the way out and i'm not real happy about it. summer is my favorite. well, acutally this weather is my favorite. where the high is 80 and the low is around 60. we won't get much of it here in kansas but man, it's beautiful.

ok and here's a sad thing. i don't want to tell you to bum you out, but it's been on my mind a lot and i think it's a serious remindeder to love who you love while you can. why is that so hard sometimes??!?. a set of my extended family lost their baby earlier this week. he passed away in his sleep without any warning. i just can't even pick words to say about that. my heart breaks for them, i can't imagine how many pieces theirs are in. he was their only child. of course it turns my thoughts to my own baby girl, grown as she is. and it makes me grateful that even with all she's been through, and all that we've been through with her, she's still here. and mostly regular. i love her.

and it's time to pick her up from the bus stop!