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My Disney 2010 Memory Book : Part 3

My Disney 2010 Memory Book : Part 2


 So here we are. Part 2 = Day 1.


This is one of the Mickey heads I used to indicate a change in days. I punched out of black cardstock with a Mickey head punch, wrote on it with a white Uniball Signo pen and glued it on the edge of a book page.


There's the back of the page from Bambi. I tried to cover the text up with a journaling tag. And there's a round Mickey sticker my brother gave us on our first day there!
On the right, my boarding pass from the first leg of our flight.


My birthson told us we should definitely try some popcorn at the Chicago airport. We did, and I picked up an extra napkin for the book. The popcorn was so delicious (Hannah got the cheddar cheese and I got caramel).


The napkin is correct. Love is messy.
My boarding pass for the flight from Chicago to Orlando is on the right.


Another blank sheet of vellum and a postcard from a Beauty and the Beast postcard book I picked up years ago.


I added this picture of the 3 of us waiting for the Magical Express to the back of the postcard, along with a cheap Mickey sticker.
On the right it's a page from an Aladdin that I've added blank mailing stickers to.



A picture of my brother at the door of our room, and the hotel we stayed in (Bay Lake Tower) with a piece of cardstock scrap.
A cut out of Ariel on Mickey paper.


I made an envelope out of pages from a Snow White book and slid our Keys to the Kingdom card and our park pass card into it.
Here's another look:



We had a lot of these round coasters in our room so I used a lot of them in this book. Here I've used them to show pictures of our room.
I added part of an office sticker on the left to write, and then sloppily traced around the edges with my white pen.


I used these Guest Checks to document what we ate every day.


Guest check from Cinderella's Royal Table on the left and a times guide on the right.


The back of the times guide.
Remember when I mentioned photos from our early trips? Here's Captain Hook chasing Hannah outside of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. I think he used to hang around there a lot. It made a big impression on her then. We went home with a pirate hat, sword and flag.


On the back of the Captain Hook photos it's a plain piece of cardstock where I've written a sentence about the photo.
On the right the only way I'd seen the castle before this trip.


I was thrilled to see it all lit up and like a real castle this!
And even more exciting, on our first night there, we had dinner inside the castle. I used this the princess gift card on the right to hold a few photos of us with the princesses.




They gave us the "invitation" on the right while we were waiting to have our name called.


I added more pictures from dinner to the back of the invitation. By the time we were done eating, the Magic Kingdom has closed down for the Christmas Party, and we were escorted out. Epcot was open late though, so that's where we headed.
There's my first picture of the giant golf ball.


I added plain paper to the back of the photo and a small journaling square to write a tiny bit.
At the end of each day, I made a note of our high points and low points of the day. I stamped our initial on a plain mailing label and used those to keep track. This day got happy Belle and the Beast for the high points...


And sad Belle and the Beast for low points.

And that was the end of our first day!



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