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Bye bye Mermaid child.

I think I've mentioned before that my kid is made out of hair.
(Yes, I recognize the irony.)

She has been talking about cutting a lot of it off, and yesterday I took her downtown to do just that.
It was tough getting pictures to show you, because the girl hates 99% of all the photos ever taken of her. Yes, this does make me crazy. Eventually she agreed to a few.

Here she is, outside the salon.


And a close up to show just how long her hair was.


The floor around her chair after the cut.


And after - here's a picture of her with our friend and stylist, Jen.


It's not a great picture of her hair, but it's all I've got for now.

Her first text to me this morning?

I feel like Rapunzel at the very end of Tangled.

Disney Continued: Lunch and the Circus

Hey, remember when I was sharing the Disney trip report posts that I was making on a Disney website over here with you guys? I had stopped somewhere a while ago, I don't even know why. But I'm about to start up again. 

Lunch and the circus.

Can’t forget the castle!

Merida has become Hannah’s favorite princess, so we were heading to her meeting area, but when we saw how long her line was, we changed our minds. 

Wow. I guess I should have checked on that line. I guess it’s a get in line first thing kind of thing. I managed to snap a shot from the distance, but we all know it’s not nearly the same thing. Next time. 

Hannah decided she was hungry and since Cosmic Ray’s was one of her favorites from last visit, we headed there. I noticed we were going right at lunch time and know that’s never a good idea. H got in line for the avacado burger she remembered having there last time. I knew I’d be having dinner at the company party that night, so I was looking for more of a snack than a meal. For some reason I chose chili cheese fries and I knew as soon as I picked them up it was a bad choice.

I found Hannah down front, close to Sunny Eclipse.

She loves that guy. They didn’t have avacado burgers so she just got a regular one and was not loving it. Her fries were soggy and so were mine. The crowd made it crazy loud in there and then to help it out, a large group of CMs were visiting various tables, singing something and clapping along loudly. We ended up leaving without eating much. H was especially disappointed. 

We sat on a bench outside for a bit to complain a little and decide what to do next. Pooh and Tigger walked by. Where else does that happen? I waved to them and they waved back. Because we love each other and they know that.

The Alice topiary, because it's one of my favorites.

More cute 7 dwarves art.

We headed over to the Big Top Circus area since we had skipped it earlier. The wait times made me believe it wasn’t very crowded that day, but trying to get around made me have questions.

The circus area was adorable. I love the whole look and feel even though I really hate the real circus! I did have to dodge a couple creepy clowns but over all I found it super charming. 

H didn’t want to ride Dumbo or the Barn Stormer (even though she loved it when she was 4 and it was in ToonTown). We checked out Casey Jr’s Splash whatever. 

Very cute and probably just the ticket on those hot, humid Florida summer days. Not so inviting in December.

We did decide to check out the new restrooms by the train station. We loved the footprints and the peanuts in the pavement, and the bathrooms really were as big and nice as I had read. Hannah was impressed that she found something even cheaperthan the one dollar cheese dip - tampons. Good to know.

We walked through the big top tent and were overwhelmed. It’s giant, super colorful and filled with great smells. In the middle of the tent there were about a thousand delicious looking treats. We checked out headgear and pillow pets and swore we’d come back for a treat when we were more hungry. Never happened. Next time.

Of course I was ready to go meet some more characters and Pete’s Silly Slideshow was right there. Hannah agreed to meet one set, so since the boys line was shorter we chose that one.

Goofy was great, but his PhotoPassPhotographer not so much. He took a weirdly timed shot of Hannah as she was just standing in line and then totally ignnored some charming interaction when they first said hi. He redeemed himself with some good shots later.

Donald’s PPP was better but the lighting in that area was kind of crazy. Every photo I’ve seen of that M&G has some weird color thing going on - ours included.

After that, Hannah was starting to feel exhausted and yucky from those antibiotics, plus it was getting close to time for me the head back to the room anyway, so we decided to just head back to our hotation. (Hotation is a world Hannah made up on our first Disney trip when she confused the words for hotel and vacation. “Are we going back to our hotation?” she’d ask. She also called the monorail the "mamarail". Of course I loved that.)

As we were standing at our bus stop, a giant crowd of cheerleaders filed in behind us. Not surprising since it was Pop Warner weekend. We all loaded and squished onto the bus - and the group started singing their way through the soundtrack to The Little Mermaid. We all love those songs, of course, but not really the North Rockland Cheer version on a long crowded bus ride.

We were relieved when we reached our stop. On the way back to our room we passed these bushes full of beautiful flowers again and I thought I’d show you a few of them.

I've had lots of birthdays.

Once upon a time, on a Sunday night, just after dinner, I was born.
My parents sent sent out an announcement and had my picture taken. 

Birthdays 1


They were babies themselves.

Scanned Image 4

And since that time, every year right around this time, I have a birthday. There weren't usually announcements after that first time, but there were still pictures. I found a few of them this morning.

First I was 1, of course. First I was 1, of course. This party is at my grandma's house.


Next, two. We went to the zoo.


My mom took me on the pony. My auntie took me up into the shoe (where the old woman lived with her too many children).


I wanted to be a nurse on my third birthday. I had a book about a girl who wanted to be a nurse, and I liked it. This party is also at my grandma's house.

Scanned Image 3

My forth birthday party was at our mansion house. 


I got a lot of dolls.

Scanned Image 5

For my 10th birthday, two of my aunties took me to Starlight to see Paul Williams, and then backstage to meet him. I was in love with him. Don't judge.

Scanned Image 7

See me in the background? I'm showing my aunts his autograph! The best part came after the crowd thinned. My aunt yelled out "It's her birthday, and she loves you." So he turned around and kissed me. On the mouth. I used to have a picture of that in a frame. I hope I still have it somewhere.


I was quite a little lady when I turned 11. I think that's the same hair cut I have now.


I am not sure, but I think this was the same birthday at a different party. I could be wrong and this could be 12, but no one wrote on it so the world will never know.


I had a slumber party on my 12th birthday. 



By my 13th birthday, I had an attitude. But I sat at the same desk for opening presents. It was my dad's desk forever. Now my baby brother Jared has it. That was my favorite outfit in the whole world.

Birthdays 6

Let's skip to 19. I loved this haircut. I LOVED that shirt and oh my goodness I loved wearing all those braceletts!

Scanned Image 8

My friends were absolutely insane.


Before I knew it I was 46. That's me with my friend Jen last year, the night before my birthday. And check it out - it's the same shirt from the 19th birthday party!


And now it's now. I don't have a picture of today's birthday yet, but I took this Last Day of 46 picture yesterday.


46 was my best year so far. I'm not afraid to leave it behind though. I think 47 is going to be even better.




Roadtrip to Todd: Day 1 and Before

I wish I could tell you about Todd. Who he is (because you probably don’t know so don’t feel badly - here's a link if you're curious). Why I love him. All that. But every time I try I either come up with nothing, or pages and pages of rambling. So let’s just say Todd is a musician and a genius. You probably own some music he produced and I’m sure you probably know at least one if his songs, even if you don’t know it’s his. He is also wise and well, I said brilliant, right? I first learned he existed in 1983 when my sweet friend asked me to take him to the Todd concert for his birthday and during that show I fell in love. Not in romantic love. In he’s my hero love. And then I stayed there.

Here’s a picture of my Todd cds. My sister thinks it’s sad that I have so many cds of the same musician. I think I’m lucky. 


Todd used to come to KC on almost all of his tours, or at least to Lawrence if he missed KC. For some reason, he has skipped KC for the last few years. And (don’t tell anybody, especially Todd) the very last time he came, maybe in 2010, I missed him. I hadn’t seen Todd since 2008, and that made me sad. When he announced his tour for his latest album there was no KC again, so I figured maybe it was time to go on a road trip to see the man. At first I thought I’d go to Columbus - my best cousin lives there and I could visit her, see my hero and everybody would win. But then the timing sucked and I couldn’t make it work. I noticed he was going to Tulsa, which is really just a few hours away. I remembered my BFF Deb used to live in Tulsa and asked her if she ever wanted to go back and visit. Even though she doesn’t really care about Todd, she agreed to do the road trip with me and I bought our tickets to see the man on June 30 at Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Bright and early one Saturday morning, I left my town and headed for Kansas City to meet up with Deb. She was kind of frazzled from having too much to do before we left, but I was just excited. It's about a 4 hour drive from KC to Tulsa and I was prepared with cds I'd made for our trip (not all Todd) and a cooler bag full of snacks. We hit the road around 12:30 and I felt so anxious I thought I might a. die and b. drive Deb insane.



Here I am at a gas station in Lamar, MO.



Our hotel in Tulsa was right in the middle of downtown, in what had once been the Atlas Life building. It was built in 1922 and our room had 3 framed prints of the street back in the day - including one of the parade on VE day. I love a place with history and was so glad I picked this hotation!


Our room was lovely and giant, although our view was seriously lacking.




After we unpacked and freshened up, we found our way outside to check out the neighborhood and find some dinner.







After consulting with the valets and a couple strangers on the street, we decided to check out Elote Cafe, home of the puffy taco and just about a block down the street.


The chips weren't fantastic, but the salsa was pretty good. Deb went with their famous puffy tacos and I decided to try the Fried Avacado tacos, "with their signature sweet potatoes" and the elote for sides. We agreed to trade each other half a taco so we could taste both.


I was not in love with my tacos. Fried just meant kind of warmed when it came to the avacadoes and the taco in general was seriously lacking something. I don't know what. Maybe some acidity. That green salsa helped but still not so great. Plus the tortillas tasted - I don't know - not that good. I did like Deb's puffy taco though and wished I would have gotten that. The sweet potatoes had some molases stuff on them and were really sweet, which isn't really the way I like my sweet potatoes (they're sweet already, right?), but that corn was delicious and I was in love with the chipotle sauce they poured over it.


That lemon was from my water and not something they added to made zest up my tacos.


We walked back to the hotel and Deb wanted to drive around to see where the venue was and if she could find her old house.


Cain's was really easy to find, thanks in part to their giant sign high above the building. It was less that a mile from our hotel. I was super glad I picked that place.



After that, we drove around until it was dark.

arlo guthrie




Our beds were ready for us when we got back that night and crashed out.


It's good to be home.


It is good to be home.
I had a great time in Tulsa, and you know I love to be on vacation, but being home is pretty good, too. In addition to general back home things, I've been reading and trying to catch up with over a week of General Hospital. GH has gone lame, and George RR Martin is crazy.

While other parts of the country are full of wild fires and non stop rain, it has been so, so beautiful here. I haven't run the air conditioner in two days and it's the beginning of July. It's usually about a hundred right now. I am trying to enjoy it by reading outside, at least until the bug bites start to get at me and I wander back in.

Tomorrow is the birthday of America, and also my friend Leah. A week from today is my own birthday. I don't have many plans yet. I need to work on that.

I'll be making a post about my trip soon. It will have way too many pictures. I liked Tulsa a lot, and Todd even more. I'm ready to go again.