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I went to the Redbox to use a free code to rent this movie, but I forgot and spent a dollar on it. I'm glad I liked it.

Angelina has palyed this kind of role so many times she's very good at it. The other actors were good as well. DC is always a great backdrop. I didn't figure out the twist till the end. All that adds up to a pretty good movie time in my book.

It also held my attention much more than I expected. In the beginning I ff'ed through the fight and chase scenes but towards the end I was kinda paying attention to see what happened. I tried to write in my journal while I watched (something I usually do when watching tv/movies), but kept paying attention to the movie instead.

Rating: Liked it.

Young Guns

Young Guns

Young guns is tragic and frustrating and not the kind of movie I usually like, but I loved it the first time I saw it back when it was in theatres. I was in film school and thought it was an amazingly good movie. I have seen it countless times. But I hadn't watched it in years when I decided to buy it for a couple bucks used sometime last month. I was surprised how much of it I had accidentally memorized.

My favorite part has always been when they're tripping on peyote. The sound is fantastic during that bit and it's such a needed period of comic relief. Dermot Mulroney is hilarious. "Dog! Dog! Did you see the size of that chicken!" and later when Emilio Estevez asks why the Native Americans aren't killing them, "We're in the spirit world, asshole, they can't see us!" Ok, it doesn't seem so funny here but it seems very funny when I"m watching the movie.

My least favorite part is Lou Diamond Phillips with his hammy rant.

I have to admit I love Kieffer Sutherland and this is my favorite movie to watch him in.

Interesting note; this movie also stars Terry O'Quinn who is in 3 of my top 5 favorite TV shows as well (Alias, Millennium and Lost). Trippy.

Rating: Loved it.

The Social Network

The Social Network

I wanted to this movie because of Justin Timberlake, but even more to hear dialog by Alan Sorkin, who wrote The West Wing. I love that. I love talky. And man did those boys talk.

The history of facebook was not the main story to me. It was about something like how brilliance can so often ruin a person. Or about how a person had such a chance to live a great life, but by their bad judgement end up with a big ugly mess of a lonely life. That's an interesting story. That's the kind of character I can feel for, the kind of story I'm interested in.
So I like that part. I thought all the characters were interesting. The dialog was so good and fast I didn't have time to get bored or uninterested.

There weren't very many girls in this movie. I know it's based on a true story and all, but still. All but one of the girls were someone's girl not on for long. I'm not trying to start anything, but I just always notice when movies are all guys, as they so often are.